25 Topical Halloween Costumes To Wear This Year

By Anna May
17th Oct 2015

Topical Halloween Costumes 2015

Who isn’t sick of the usual pumpkins, sexy witches, and Day of the Dead on Halloween? I know I am. Use your creativity this year and don something that screams 2015. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1.    Netflix and chill. Be as NSFW as you like, you sly dog you.
2.    New snapchat filters… Who doesn’t want to be a human vomit rainbow?
3.    Blake Lively, baby James, and the guy who photographed her giving birth. Pretty much the only way you can repel someone from her.
4.    Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull having some beef. 
5.    Royal baby 2.0, bonnet and all.
6.   A Tella Ball shake.
7.    Taylor Swift, with her squad trailing behind her.
8.    McDonalds all day breakfast. You will be the life of the party.
9.    Channel Pablo Escabar and go as Narcos.
10.  Kanye West as President… That ought to ruffle some feathers.
11.  Ashley Madison leak. Dress up as an ashamed man.
12.  The forthcoming One Direction baby.
13.  Dadbod. ‘Nuff said.
14.  The dress. Make your twin wear blue and black and you wear white and gold. Hilarity ensues.
15.  Pregnant Michelle Bridges dolling out advice to everyone’s eating habits.
16.  Activewear. Aaaaaactivewear.
17.  The Sydney lockout laws, just go around pooping the party and kicking everyone out at 1am.
18.  Johnathan Thurston, his daughter, and the doll. There’s no way you’re not getting lucky.
19.  Salim Mehajer and his wife at their epic wedding.
20.  Water on Mars. Good luck figuring out the logistics of that.
21.  Toobs. One final hurrah.
22.  Ariana Grande licking a doughnut
23.  The Fat Jewish. Just walk around stealing everyone’s jokes.
24.  Pizza rat.
25.  Justin Bieber's peen. 

Image credit: Universal

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