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50 Of The Best Pub Meals In Sydney

By Anna May
17th May 2017

Best pub meals Sydney

I SAY PARMA, YOU SAY… Oh, wait. Let’s not continue with that one. But let’s definitely continue with The Urban List’s round up of Sydney’s best pub meals. 

We all know that a schooner in one hand is worth four in your empty stomach, so you’re going to need a good meal to line that bad boy. Whether you’re into the posh pub food thing, or content with a pie, there’s something to excite you right here because pub food in Sydney is damn delicious.

Here are 50 of the best pub meals in town to get you started—or should that be keep you going?

  1. Roast chicken has never been fancier, and we have never been more full. This delicious morsel from The Paddington is juicy, the skin is crispy, and the gravy will make you pull a face like the smirk emoji. 
  2. Cheese between bread? Yep. Haloumi between buns with all the trimmings? F Yes. The Courty brings far more than all night long beers, it brings burgasms with their haloumi burger. 
  3. Another one of those time-tested pubs that has had a big-ass makeover and we are slightly embarrassed about how excited we are. The Napoli-style pizzas at The Newport are worth the trip, unless you’re a local then it’s worth the stroll. 
  4. You know pork belly is good when you can hear the crackling from the kitchen when it cooks. Not really, but the crispy pork belly roll with ranch slaw and BBQ mayo at Petersham’s The Public House. Side beer mandatory.
  5. In the immortal words of me, “where my damn ribs at, Sally?” Sorry Mum. But if I had asked her, she would have told me they’re at The Henson. Smoky, fall-off-the-bone-tender and just the right amount of char. Onwards!
  6. Right. Stop what you’re doing. Put down your pen. Pause your Spotify (Biebs can wait). Because if you haven’t yet got the burger at The Lord Gladstone inside you. Have you? Go get another. Haven’t you? Go. Now. 
  7. If you’re not somewhat erotically attracted to the mere thought of a bomb-diggity Sunday roast, then you’re probably not human. The one at Darlinghurst’s Local Taphouse starts at midday and goes until it’s sold out. Hint: get in early. 
  8. Imagine if mashed potato and silk fell in love and had delicious silky potato babies. And then it grew old and fell in love with the crispiest, juiciest schnitzels in all the lands. That’s what you’ll get when you order the schnitty at Paddington’s The Unicorn. Topped with finger-licking gravy, it’s truly a miracle in pub meal form. Side note: they also have a cheesy AF Mary’s burger for those that like their meat between buns. 
  9. There are only a few things to say about Dove & Olive’s pie. Apart from it being jean-poppingly good. The meat is slow cooked until it’s fall-apart delicious, and it’s served with creamy mash and mushy peas. 
  10. Well, hot dog! It looks like we have a weiner! In the form of the hawt dawgs at Surry Hills’ Royal Albert Hotel. You can keep it simple with the crafty dog, or step it all the way up to the chilli fat albert dog. There’s no wrong choice, just make sure you pair it with a craft beer, kay?
  11. Five glorious pieces of earth-shatteringly crunchy buttermilk fried chicken. Does life get better? It kind of does, mostly when Huxley’s smother theirs with Alabama white sauce, grilled corn and seasoned chips. Food coma? Right this way. 
  12. No, this is not a meaty one you see before you. It’s a huge pile of seasoned corn chips with spicy, beany goodness, lashings of guac and all of the cheese. It’s messy and it’s huge and I’m drooling. Shakey’s has nailed it yet again with their vegetarian nachos. 
  13. Taking charge with each and every steak option at Neutral Bay pub, The Oaks.
  14. The most epic, extra saucy and oh-so-cheesy chicken parmigiana in Sydney from Chippendale’s The Rose Hotel.
  15. Cheap, cheerful and delicious? Yes, yes and yes. We just want to give Shakespeare Hotel’s chicken schnitzel a big ol’ greasy hug every time we order it.
  16. The Forresters’ extra crispy and incredibly satisfying 1/2 charcoal chicken with fries, slaw and tortillas. Be sure to add hot sauce!
  17. The open king crab and leek pie from one of the best beach bars in Sydney: Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.
  18. The buttermilk fried chicken burger that cures all hangovers at The Workers in Balmain.
  19. The roast beef & marrow pie with crispy potato from Waverley pub The Charing Cross Hotel.
  20. Como Pub’s mouth-wateringly moreish red wine braised short ribs with parmesan polenta chips that will keep you consistently food-coma-happy.
  21. The ultra-satisfying red wine braised beef cheek pie with red cabbage and gravy from Rozelle pub 3 Weeds.
  22. The best kind of vegetarian-friendly pub food in the form of zucchini flowers with smoked cheese from The Balmain Hotel.
  23. Taking in the view of Woolloomoolloo Wharf while chomping down a chilli crab slider from The Tilbury.
  24. We heart anything from the Bank Newtown’s charcoal BBQ with red chimichurri (drool)
  25. Taking a whack at the mystery taco at El Loco, or trying to keep it semi-healthy with the house salad.
  26. Making the tough decision of what craft beer to drink at The Quarryman’s Hotel in Pyrmont because you know you’re ordering the lobster roll.
  27. Getting all kinds of satisfied with a bowl of prawn, crab and lobster ravioli from The Cookhouse in Randwick. 
  28. A plate of beer battered flathead perfection from Clovelly Hotel.
  29. The wonderfully juicy pork belly burger by the genius chefs at The Henson in Marrickville.
  30. Diving head first into a piping hot smoked cod and leek pie by the one of Sydney’s best Irish pubs, Cat and Fiddle in Balmain.
  31. The Keg & Brew’s crispy, crunchy IPA battered barra for those looking for fish and chips in Sydney. 
  32. An entire prawn and chorizo pizza from Paddington’s The London.
  33. Thai food in a Sydney pub?! Yes, that’s right and it’s good too. The red curry duck with homemade curry paste from Mr B's Hotel in the CBD is a team favourite.
  34. It’s no secret we love pies and Riverview in Balmain’s lamb shank pie is one of our faves.
  35. A seaside delight in the form of pan-fried snapper in lemon butter sauce and Paris mash from beachside pub The Collaroy
  36. Starting small but decadent with the mac and cheese balls from the kitchen at Balmain’s The Exchange Hotel.
  37. The panko crumbed schnitzel at the Crows Nest Hotel.
  38. Modern Australian with a British twist? We’re in! The Lord Dudley’s sausage and mash are fit for a king.
  39. The drop-everything-and-just-give-me-that pulled pork slider at Bondi’s Beach Road Hotel.
  40. The heart-warming lamb t-bones from the famous Golden Sheaf in Double Bay.
  41. Deliciousness every time without fail when you tuck into the grilled mushroom burger at The Royal in Leichhardt.
  42. Surry Hills pub The Cricketer’s Arms, or The Crix, as locals call it, do some mean polenta chips. Share these with the table or have them as a side to your braised lamb shanks. 
  43. An entire bucket of the BBQ or spicy hot wings from one of the most iconic drinking holes in Sydney, Harts Pub.
  44. An obligatory steak and Guinness pot pie with mash from The Australian Youth Hotel in Glebe.
  45. The Commodore Hotel’s wagyu beef burger is a serious contender for the best cheeseburger in Sydney. Fact.
  46. The Greengate’s chicken pizza that ticks every box and then some.
  47. Tucking into a lamb back strap salad by the sea from the fellas at Cronulla RSL
  48. Known as one of Sydney’s best pubs, we can’t get enough of that classic parmigiana Woolwich Pier Hotel.
  49. Lord Nelson Brewery’s garlic and spiced parma wrapped spatchcock with vegetable panacotta is just a little bit fancy (and tasty too).
  50. The fried Golden Gaytime from the Lady Hampshire. Dessert is 100% a meal.

Image credit: Federica Portentoso | Public House Petersham

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