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10 Of Sydney’s Best Chocolate Shops

By Christine Theophanous
16th Sep 2014

Here at The Urban List we're not afraid to confess our love for sweet treats and chocolate is no different! So we thought it would be fitting to create the ultimate list of the BEST chocolate shops in Sydney. WARNING: You may experience excessive drool and instant cravings after reading.

Lixie Chocolaterie


This organic chocolate boutique on Crown St is serious about cocoa. All Lixie chocolates are handmade, with several single-origin chocolate options lining the shelves. With a strong French influence in both the flavours and the decor, you know you're in a for some serious indulgence. With options like rose and raspberry, champagne, and cherry liquor, settle in for some serious decision making!

Koko Black


Enter into this vault of treasure for chocolates with a nod to Australia's favourite ingredients, a little truffle creativity, and a bit of linger in the upstairs cafe. The Tasmanian leatherwood honey truffle is a must-try, but if you feel like some summer flavours, the mango and vanilla will transport you to the tropics. Koko Black proves that you don't always need to fly to Belgium for a super smooth, special chocolate experience.

Just William


With four generations of family chocolatier experience, Just William's hand made delights are some of the best chocolates in Sydney. The décor of the place is so inviting that passers-by stop and stare enviously through the shop front window daily. If you're looking for a cheat treat or even a gift for a friend, you won't be disappointed at Just William.

Adora Handmade Chocolates


Owned by two sisters, Adora Handmade Chocolates bring the warmth and soul of family into each every treat. Having developed a reputation for truffles with vibrant, fresh flavours and eschewing fancy moulds and decorations, Adora is a chocolate lover's dream! You even get a free truffle with every coffee! How can you say no to that?

Bon Bon Fine Chocolate


Chocoholics of Sydney come one and come all to Bon Bon! Located Sydney's beloved QVB, Bon Bon Fine Chocolate has spent over 31 years serving delectable delights. Boasting a selection that is both gift worthy and stuff-your-face worthy. We can't go past the white chocolate hazelnut spread (drool) or the signature "Bon Bon's – trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Black Velvet Sydney


Home to more than 100 cupcake flavours, Black Velvet is a cupcake lover's heaven. Some of their recent surprise flavours included: Fancy Me (chocolate almond with cherry & cream) and the Audrey Hepburn (chocolate & coconut ice) – YUM! And what goes well with a sweet treat? An equally sweet and tasty hot chocolate! Well, let us tell you that Black Velvet boasts one of the BEST hot chocolates in Sydney. There's simply so much chocolate sweetness we can hardly contain ourselves!

Max Brenner


There's nothing like gobbling down some chocolate fondue to keep the choc cravings at bay – as long as you're dipping fruit it has to be healthy… amirite? It's a no brainer that the Bald Man knows his chocolate in a place where EVERYTHING on the menu is a hit! Whether you're into dipping, sipping or scoffing down your chocolate, one thing is certain - The Bald Man will be there for you… Always.

San Churro


Boasting an extensive menu of truffles and churros, you can't go wrong at San Churro in Glebe. Featuring a range of "chocolate dipping" options including strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and, of course, churros, you'll be in a chocolatey daze when you roll out the door. Oh, and don't forget to pick up a couple of their chocolates to take home with you!


Emu Heights

You might want to take a deep breath with this one. Not only does Zokoko create some of the finest chocolate delicacies in Sydney, they also do everything from scratch and they want to show you. From roasting the cocoa beans to tempering and molding, Zokoko does it all! You can literally watch the entire chocolate-making process with a truffle in one hand and a hot chocolate in the other. They also offer chocolate-making classes for all of the chocolate enthusiasts out there. In one word, the place is AMAZING!

Melt Chocolate Bar


If you like waffles and chocolate and waffles with chocolate then you'll LOVE Melt Chocolate Bar! Selling some of the best chocolates this side of Sydney, they also serve decadent chocolate desserts. Picture two round waffles smothered in chocolate, with banana, strawberries and a side of ice cream – cue heavy breathing. Melt also has one of the best hot chocolates going round. Dining here is a must for chocolate lovers all over Sydney.

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Image credit: Black Velvet Sydney

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