9 of Sydney’s Best Bacon and Egg Rolls

By Ally Parker
15th Oct 2015

Akin only to the Democracy Sausage (i.e. the near-mandatory vote-day sizzle) is the weekend bacon and egg roll. We need a sausage sizzle to vote in good conscious and we need a bacon and egg roll to function. Simple, now pass the tomato sauce as we find Sydney’s best bacon and egg rolls.

Laneway café


This Cammeray café is a bit of an institution, and not just where coffee is concerned. If you need something a little stronger on a weekend morning, the Good Morning Burger goes a step beyond your usual bacon and egg with avocado, hash brown (!), tomato, cheese and paprika aioli. It’s what crunchy-umami comfort food dreams are made of.

Erskine Villa


Located in, you guessed it, in Erskineville is Erskine Villa and more importantly, a bacon and egg roll to charm the pants off bacon-lovers everywhere. How does bangalow dry cured bacon and fried egg sound? Ideal? Perfect? Marriage material? We’ll let you decide, but one thing’s for sure, it looks and tastes amazing.

Three Williams


Enticingly named The Merchant, Three Williams’ offering to the B&E gods is for the new age muncher with chilli fried egg, crispy bacon, ranch dressing and pickled slaw on a warm brioche bun (and it’s one of the best damn bacon and egg rolls in Sydney). Sit back, enjoy the warehouse-style digs and enjoy an amped up bacon and egg roll. Plus, this one’s an all-day breakfast. Boo yah!

Mr. Bacon and Egg Rolls

Market Stall

It may sound like the latest children’s cartoon character (picture a slightly tastier Mr. Potato Head), but Mr. Bacon and Egg Rolls is the market stall of your wettest, most bacon-y dreams. Set up at the Sydney Sustainable Markets (every Saturday 8am – 1pm in Taylor Square) Mr. Bacon and Egg Rolls offer honey port cured bacon and free-range eggs with the option to add haloumi and mushroom—if you dare.

Parlour Lane


Second only to their undeniably cool vibe and decor is Parlour Lane’s B&E roll. A simple classic, this bad boy will set you back only a few runs at the claw machine at $6. Word is the coffee is pretty sweet too, so prepare for the best (and can you grab us one too? Pay you back).

Three Blue Ducks


Not only did Mark and Darren of Three Blue Ducks just bring out a super-cool cookbook, but their food is sustainable, wholesome and oh-so-pretty. In between a beautiful bircher muesli that could stun Casonova himself, Three Blue Ducks rock a mean bacon and egg roll with pimento salsa and hollandaise.

Pig & Pastry


Excuse us while we sing and dance our way through ‘My Favourite Things’ at Pig & Pastry; we’ve never felt quite so in love. Petersham have brought the goods with their bacon and egg brekkie. Featuring a soft bap bun and free-range egg this stunner rocks a housemade tomato or BBQ sauce.



We can’t get to this one fast enough. Never has the phrase “I want you inside me,” been so apt. A takeaway only version of Newtown’s popular burger joint, Mary’s in the CBD (Castlereagh Street) is the perfect spot between transport and work you always wanted. They may have pared back the digs, but the burgers are just as good as ever with a breakfast roll featuring pork-shoulder sausage pattie, Mary's housemade "trashcan" bacon, a hash brown, onion, cheese, HP sauce, and maple syrup and vinegar reduction. So what are you waiting for? Simply stop by, grab a roll (add egg for $1 extra) and try not to spill on your way to work.

White Rabbit


If you’re unfamiliar with the word charcuterie, let us drop some sweet knowledge; it’s all about cooking – and eating – meat. Couple this with The Matrix-style enigma, ‘White Rabbit’ and you’ve got yourself a winner before you step foot in the door. We’re wrapping up this bacon and egg bonanza with their soft brioche bun topped with heaven facing eggs, smoky belly bacon and house-made bourbon BBQ sauce.

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Image credit: Lisa Brooke at Laneway cafe

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