9 Of The Best Spots To Eat When You’re Allergic To Everything

By Jessica Best
18th Apr 2017

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Let’s be honest. Allergies suck. Big time. No one want’s to be THAT person just because you can’t handle traces of nuts, or because lactose has never really been on your side, ever.

Yep, the struggle is absolutely and undeniably real for peeps with food allergies. How many times does one need to clarify that this is not some fad diet. This is real life. Let it be known you were allergic to gluten BEFORE it became cool. 

Here’s your fool proof guide to the best spots to eat when you’re allergic to everything.

Nutie Donuts


It’s hard enough trying to find treats to indulge in when you’re kinda allergic to everything other than air. Thankfully there’s good news for the hungry folk of Sydney who have some special “dietary requirements”. Nutie Donuts is one place you definitely need to be hitting up for a delicious sweet fix, especially because they whip up a tonne of gluten-free and dairy-free options including their famed cinnamon doughie. Yep, that’s music to our ears.

Al Aseel 


Apart from having some of the best Lebanese fare around, Al Aseel is plating up some seriously good allergy-friendly feeds (we’re talking the gluten and dairy-free kind). Yep, there’s no doubt you’ll be in safe hands while you eat all the cold dips and mezza and super tasty chicken ribs. Plus the menu is an easy read which means should you have any other glorious allergies, you’ll know exactly what dishes you can dig into!

Zebra Green

Bondi Junction

Welcome to a completely judge-free foodie zone. If there’s one thing the food-allergic folk of Sydney despise, it’s a sneaky eye-roll from staff when you ask if a dish can be catered for your dietary requirements. But you’ll be glad to know, Zebra Green, is quite the opposite. In fact, they’re more than happy to whip-up something completely nut-free, egg-free, shellfish free etc. Which means you can carry on with that food-induced coma you were working on.

Warren & Holt


With a big focus on organic wholefoods, Warren & Holt has a super allergen-friendly menu. Partnering with nutritionists, all meals are free of harmful chemicals, toxins and pesticides, so you can be sure there are no sneaky ingredients in their sauces or their beverages that could cause an upset stomach. All meals can be made dairy-free and yep, vegans are catered for too (just ask!).

About Life

Various Locations

About Life knows that navigating through the foodie hub of Sydney proves challenging at the best of times, especially when you’re digestively challenged. So, these guys are your first port of call when it comes to hitting up feeds for the dietary diverse. In fact, you’re probably in the minority if you DON’T have a food allergy here. The cafe is coded so you can find the eats that suits you best with no confusion, and best of all, no judgement.


Castle Hill and Surry Hills

Leave it to the epic Youeni team to feed the allergy-conscious peeps of Sydney. If you’ve got an allergy, these guys will no doubt cater for you (and no eyebrows will be raised) with their highly modifiable menu. There’s no such thing as a bland dish here, still decadent and fresh AF. Also, between us, the buckwheat and sorghum pancakes with coconut and rhubarb go down a treat! 



Keen for pizza? Answer: always. When dairy is not your friend, Gigi’s is the place to hit up. An absolute local institution, this pizza hub churns out the tastiest vegan pizza (ever). Not only that, but you’ll find true Neapolitan pizza is the only kind on offer here (totally okay with that) so you’ll get toppings like roast potatoes with truffle paste, ground yellow tomatoes and grilled asparagus!

Bondi Wholefoods

Bondi Beach and Surry Hills

Cue acai bowls, quinoa chew bars, pink pataya smoothies and vegan pancakes. Basically, all the organic deliciousness packed with a heap of nutrition. You definitely won’t be short of a spectacular, healthy feast at Bondi Wholefoods, and should you need to modify any dishes to fit your dietary fancy, the gang here will gladly plate up something fitting.


CBD and Sutherland

Mejico is the epitome of fresh Mexican cuisine (that’s slightly addictive) and this joint is a pretty solid place to hit up when you’re allergic to well, everything. All eats on the menu are clearly labelled as gluten-free/dairy-free and you’ll find all ingredients on there too. Just ask the chefs to leave out the pistachio nuts in the epic watermelon salad filled with delicious watermelon chunks if you’ve been blessed with a nut intolerance. And guys, the grill menu = amazingggg.

Looking for more great restaurants? Head here.

Zebra Green | Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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