9 Reasons Why You Should Feel Good About Paying Sydney $$$

By Ellie Schneider
22nd Nov 2013

Nominated for the Australian Mo Award for Best Live Comedy Act for three consecutive years, comedian Jackie Loeb is back from LA and will be performing at the Sydney Comedy Store on December 21.

Always a fan of her hometown, we caught up with Jackie for some home truths about living in this sparkling city.

The top 9 reasons why you should feel good about living in Sydney—and paying Sydney prices.

Sydney is considered one of the most expensive cities to live in worldwide. But perhaps it's time we stopped complaining and looked at all the benefits of paying way, way too much for the honour of living in the greatest city in the world. Our little show pony...Sydney!!!!

1. Paying $500 p/w to rent a decrepit one-bedroom apartment. Tell a person in Tasmania… and they will think you're rich!

2. Paying $7 to park at a meter in the city for 15 minutes. The exorbitant price makes even the crappiest of cars feel special!

3. Paying $4.99 for an avocado that never seems to ripen. By the time it looks ripe it would have rotten inside thus saving you all those nasty calories.

4. Paying $23 to see a movie in 3D. Enjoy the satisfying feeling of poverty coming at you in all directions.  

5. Paying $1 extra for a soy latte, cause we all know how rare and endangered beans are in Sydney and by paying more we are helping to protect the fragile soy colony (Aren't we?).  

6. Paying $6 to use the Eastern Distributor. My car knows it's a privilege to spend the day on the North Shore so I happily consent to my E-toll being robbed.  

7. Paying $1.52 a litre for petrol. It's a wonderful, joyous feeling knowing that us little Sydney siders are contributing to the wealth of multinational oil companies.  

8. Paying $9.50 yes $9.50 to sail on board the Circular Quay to Manly Ferry. Cruising Sydney Harbour with 200 strangers and their screaming children should really cost more don't you think?

9. And finally, paying over $1000 for a yearly gym membership you will never use, but knowing the euphoria you feel when you receive your complimentary water bottle will be priceless. 

'Almost the Best of Jackie Loeb'
Sydney Comedy Store
December 21, 7pm

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