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We’re Heading To The Library This Weekend to Chill with Mick Jagger

By Anna May
13th Oct 2015

If you asked me what I was doing this weekend and I told you I would be hanging out with the likes of Kurt Cobain, Elton John, and Bruce Springsteen… Would you believe me? Probably not. For once, I’d be telling the truth. And not because I’d be hitting up my local karaoke bar or cruising YouTube all night, but because the State Library of NSW is opening the doors to an incredible (and free) photography exhibition by world famous rock music photographer Tony Mott.

Aptly named What a Life! After a Divinyls album, the exhibition pays homage to Tony’s stellar career from the past 30 years, which began when he “sort of stalked [Chrissy Amphlett] with my camera to learn the art of rock photography. What a pleasure and pain it was.” Puns aside, Tony’s career has seen him featured in over 700 music magazines, as well as providing the photography for over 450 singles, EPs, and albums. To put it bluntly, Tony is the eye behind some of the most iconic music photographs of all time. And this is your opportunity to be blown away by some incredible, raw, and recognisable photographs of the musicians that shaped rock ‘n’ roll culture across the world.

This is an opportunity to get out of the house, get out of the bar, and get away from that damn Netflix. Not to mention you’ll be getting your cultural fix for the month.  And in this damn near wallet-sucking hub of ours, it’s good to know there are still things to do in Sydney for free. 

So hop down there… You wouldn’t want to keep Iggy Pop waiting, now would you? 

The What a Life! Rock Photography by Tony Mott exhibition kicks off this Saturday, October 17, and will run through to 7 February 2015. Snap your experience with #RockMoments to share the joy. 

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Image credit: Tony Mott

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