Sydney’s Best Chocolate Covered Everything

By Mollie Maloney.
31st Dec 2016

Sydney's Best Chocolate Desserts

Covering things in chocolate has been an easy dessert fix since the dawn of time. This is so well known that even Wikipedia has a list of the best chocolate covered foods. The best thing about covering things in chocolate is that you can pretend it’s a little bit healthier for you. That’s right, cover fruit in chocolate and you’re still eating a big ol' piece of fruit! 

As an office of self proclaimed chocoloholics, it wasn’t exactly hard to put together a list of Sydney’s best chocolate covered desserts. From serious restaurants, to more relaxed date night offerings, every chocolate covered thing you need to eat is right here. 

Churros At The Ternary

You need to get your chocolate loving belly down to The Ternary in Darling Harbour. These guys are plating up perfect churros covered in lip smacking, button popping, oozy chocolate. Paired with an espresso cream, this dessert is definitely one to try. 

Bennelong’s Lamington

This lamington always finds itself amongst Sydney’s best. When we say chocolate covered, we mean this is literally a bloody delicious chocolate drenched sponge. A square of cherry jam, coconut cream, ice cream and sponge are layered, and then coated in glossy chocolate ganache. The coconut parfait is then sat in a bed of liquid nitrogen, so the coconut, like us, can swan around the chocolate, in all its glory. 

Chocolate Dragon Egg Surprise At Saké

The first time the chocolate dragon egg surprise arrives at your table you don’t really know what you’re in for. A man emerges with a glove. Mystery clouds your vision, and you question his motives and look to the door. But then, the Valrhona French chocolate egg shell is broken by its liquid nitrogen drizzle, and you enter into an incredible dessert heaven. It’s filled with toasted chocolate crumble, edible soil, dehydrated passionfruit yoghurt chips, chocolate mousse, and passionfruit curd, chocolate-coated popping candy, golden dust (fancy) and mango caramel. 

Frozen Bananas From Love Dem Apples

This dessert joint in Surry Hills is our pick when it comes to the best candied apples covered in chocolate. What gets us all excited is that you can then dip them in all of the things. But the reason we are really here is for the frozen bananas. Such a simple concept, you take a banana, put it on a stick, freeze it, and then cover it in chocolate. And don’t forget to add your choice of coconut, peanuts, Tim Tams, cookies and cream or even some sprinkles.

Haigh’s Chocolate Coated Almonds 

We couldn’t write a chocolate article without including the ultimate when it comes to office break snacks. Chocolatiers Haigh’s have nailed it, covering South Australian whole roasted almonds with their trademark rich dark chocolate. These guys are quite frankly impossible to stop eating, just put the packet down, and step away slowly.

Vespa Wheel At Pana Chocolate

For all the lactose challenged out there Pana Chocolate has got your back. The Vespa Wheel brings together buckwheat biscuits that are sandwiched between coconut, marshmallow and raspberry chia jam, then covered in chocolate (tick). Organic, vegan, gluten free and with no refined sugar, this ode to the Wagon Wheel is as healthy as they come, and as decadent as you deserve. 

Bondi Parisi’s Chocolate Covered Fruit Of The Season 

Parisi’s Pop Up in Bondi has it down pat— if you don’t want to eat fruit, smother it in chocolate and then rethink your life decisions. The team here find a piece of the freshest fruit and then chuck a whole lot of chocolate on it. We’re talking watermelon, strawberries, bananas, cherries, oranges— all fruit has serious chocolate covering potential.

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Image Credit: Federica Portentoso at The Ternery

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