A Foodie’s Guide To Sydney Airport

By Amanda Perez
4th Feb 2016

Say goodbye to hunger pangs and unsettled stomachs and land upon some of the excellent feeds that have found their way to Sydney Airport T2.

Brasserie Bread

Vendors of award-winning artisanal bread that you can fly cross-country to loved ones (including yourself, we ain’t judging), at Brasserie Bread you can also grab a snack to munch en route (crispy, flaky, buttery ham and cheese croissants beat sad aero-food any day). If you’ve got the time, sit down for some brekkie.

Chur Burger

Forefather of the Sydney Burger Revolution, Chur Burger of Surry Hill fame has set up shop at T2. Fill up for a long flight with their satisfying burgers and fries (spiced chickpea fritter, grated beetroot, and honey labne burger always hits the spot), giving Sydney airport the foodie fanciness it was a little short on.

Toby's Estate

Home of specialty coffee, Toby’s got you covered for that energising kick up the tushy we all need before and after a flight cross this fair and expansive land. The best coffee you’ve never tasted at an airport, with a mini mars bar cheesecake tart, you will not be missing the food you can usually only get from terra firma.

Lorna Jane

To re-centre before a dizzying flight, after the hustle and bustle of trying to get checked in on time, or for those feeling like their circadian rhythms are a little scrambled, the Lorna Jane Active Living Room at T2 Domestic terminal is just for you. Enjoy a premium yoga or strength sesh; a place to stretch; or grab a nourishing snack at the Lorna Jane Living Room, where you can tap back into the calm many of us lose at the airport.


We all know that airport and airplane food can get a little hodge-podgy, and those cravings for freshness can really set that homesickness in motion. With their balanced, vibrant, and flavoursome Viet herbs and spices, grab a Roll’d Vietnamese iced coffee with some barramundi rice paper rolls, or some com tam broken rice with grilled pork chop and a fried egg with pickled veggies and nuoc mam sauce.


When you don’t think you can fit in a whole meal, or want some hearty, meaty cooking, the airport usually is not the place for you. But at MoVida, which we all know and love, you can expect to come across some fantastic chorizo bocadillos with piparra peppers, Catalan potato bombas filled with chorizo, and MoVida’s signature anchoa croutons topped with filleted anchovy and capers, complemented beautifully by smoked tomato sorbet.


Featuring the full range of Coopers brews together with an assortment of local and imported beers, fine wines, and pre-mixed drinks, Coopers Alehouse was awarded International Airport Bar of the Year in 2014. With a killer view of the airfield while munching on some pizza and wedges, you’ll also feel like a winner.

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Image credit: Brasserie Bread

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