A Nutella Themed Dessert Bar is Coming to Sydney!

By Sophia Fukunishi
14th Oct 2015

foodcraft espresso dessert cafe in sydney

Loosen those belt buckles, people. This is one new café in Sydney you’ll want to be prepared for (in both body and mind).

The makers of the Nutella milkshake that people lost their brains over a few months ago (the Tella Ball Shake), have announced they’re opening a Nutella themed dessert bar this November. The guys at Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery are really milking their donut-topped milkshake for all its worth and are giving Nutella lovers around Sydney what they want—tonnes of Nutella-y desserts (aaaand resulting sugar comas).

Set to open in Dulwich Hill, this new Sydney café will fill your bellies with Nutella cruffins, cheesecakes, and pretty much any kind of Nutella filled/covered/injected dish you can think of. Yes, there’ll be coffees, but that’s not what anyone is really here for. Pfft, it’s like no one even remembers the great Nutella shortage (threat) of 2014.

Keep an eye on Foodcraft Espresso’s Facebook page for more details of the impending opening. 

Image credit: Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery

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