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Here Are All Of The Unmissable Movies This February

By Grace Noles
4th Feb 2019

All The Must See Movies For February

February is set to be hot, so we suggest cooling off with an ice-cold cola, chocolate dipped ice-cream, and relaxing in a breezy air-conned cinema. A trip to the movies is the perfect way to end a long beach day and there are some stellar blockbuster flicks to catch.

So, pass the popcorn, here are all the best movies to catch in February.  


On The Basis Of Sex

A first-year student at Harvard Law School, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's (Felicity Jones) second-year husband falls ill to cancer and she starts attending his classes as well as her own. Taking notes, she is instrumental in helping him pass. Graduating top of her class, she is still unable to find a job on the basis of her sex. Seeing an opportunity to challenge US law, Ginsburg takes on a case that will set a precedent for discriminating against women. A stellar courtroom drama, On the Basis of Sex, tells the early life Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who would later be appointed an Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. 



Marrying a successful writer, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (Keira Knightley) moves to the artistic hub of Paris where her husband convinces her to become a ghostwriter for him. Penning a bestselling, semi-autobiographical novel the pair become a hit but things come undone as Colette fights for creative ownership of her work. Colette is an exploration of gender roles, literature, fashion and sexual expression. 


Vox Lux

From singing at a memorial service to becoming a pop star, Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) becomes the new kind of celebrity—American icon and global superstar. But, almost twenty years later, adult Celeste (Natalie Portman) is seeking a comeback after scandal rocked her career. In Vox Lux, Celeste must overcome her personal and family struggles while balancing motherhood and fame. 


Cold Pursuit 

Liam Neeson is back on the big screen, doing what he does best—taking revenge. In Cold Pursuit, living a quiet life in a secluded snowy mountain town, Neeson’s character Nels lives a cruisey and humble life. However, everything is turned upside-down when Nels learns his son has been murdered by an infamous and powerful drug lord. With nothing left to lose, Nels devotes his life to exacting revenge from the drug cartel associated with his son’s killer. Neeson says this will be his last ever action movie so make sure you catch one last glimpse of the Taken star guns-blazing.


Escape Room 

If you’re ever planning on trying an escape room for yourself, maybe miss this one out. Escape Room has three rules: solve the puzzle, escape the room—or die. Six strangers are gifted a ticket to enter an escape room with a grand prize of a million dollars. But, when things start to become a little too real, they realise it’s not a game anymore. Facing death-defying temperatures, abandoned hospital rooms and ice cold waters, it’s up to the group of six to band together to survive. 


Happy Death Day 2U 

The sequel to the 2017 slasher film Happy Death Day has arrived. This time, protagonist Tree Gelbman is thrown back into the murderous time loop of waking up on the same day, every day. However,  instead of targeting solely Gelbman, the masked executioner is after her friends and family too. Determined to find out what has caused this crazy glitch in the matrix and save everyone she loves, Gelbman  continues to live the same day over and over, every day ending with a new way of death. Happy Death Day 2U is sure to be a killer.


What Men Want 

February brings the laugh-out-loud comedy What Men Want, starring Taraji P. Henson, Tracy Morgan, Max Greenfield, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Pete Davidson. After she was beaten for an almost guaranteed promotion at her predominantly male workplace, Ali Davis is frustrated. Turning to a shaman, she is gifted with the ability to read men’s inner thoughts.  From the same producers of Girls Tripand Ride Along, we know What Men Want will be a good one. 


A Dog’s Way Home 

If you’re after a heart-warming story for the soul this month, A Dog’s Way Home is a must. We’re first introduced to Bella as a puppy, who grows up inseparable with her human best friend, Lucas. As Lucas grows up and has less time to spend with Bella, she gets curious and wanders on her own adventures, eventually finding she is lost 400 miles away from home. Bryce Dallas Howard narrates Bella’s thoughts as she encounters wolves, snow, and cougars on her survival mission home. 



Stumbling across a lost handbag in a New York subway, a naïve, young Frances, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, has no qualms about returning it to its rightful owner. And in doing so, she meets the a sweet old woman named Greta. Greta offers a maternal energy and creates a friendship with Frances, teaching her how to cook, clean and play the piano. When Frances finds a stash of “lost” handbags in Greta’s cupboard, it’s revealed that Greta has some deep, dark secrets. 

Prefer to bury your head in a book? Here are the best to read this month.

Image Credit: What Men Want

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