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Atlanta Monster Is The Latest True Crime Podcast To Fill The Void In Your Ears

By Ben Tyers
15th Jan 2018


If you’re anything like us you’ve no doubt worked your way through every true crime podcast there is. You’re also no doubt on an endless search to fill the void left by Serial, S-Town, and Dirty John.

Well, good news, because that podcast has arrived.

Atlanta Monster—made by the team behind How Stuff Works—is just two episodes in, but it is ticking all the boxes for a rock solid commute-listen.

Atlanta Monster tells the story of The Atlanta Child Murders which terrorised the Atlanta community between 1979 and 1981. 25 African American children and young adults when missing in the Atlanta area over that period and the podcast aims to answer questions that still remain, find the truth, and provide some closure by re-examining the cases.

Episodes come out every Friday so there’s no chance to binge at this point, but it’s definitely a podcast you’re going to want to get into asap.

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Image credit: Atlanta Monster

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