Being Shellfish | Where To Get Your Lobster On In Sydney

By Lucy Cook
19th Jun 2015

Sydney is going lobster-crazy right now and we may just be the craziest of the pack. Shove it in a roll, fry it in a wok or cook it in butter—we’ll eat it all. Gone are the days of expensive lobster you only eat in a sitcom when your date is paying, it’s time to be shellfish, if you want it, go get it! We find out where you can get your lobster on well and good at these Sydney restaurants.

The Rook


Everyone has a “thing”. It could be wearing eye glitter daily or it could involve latex. The Rook’s “thing” is lobster. You can start off with the lobster and chorizo croquettes with smoked paprika aioli before moving on to the good old-fashioned lobster. Thermidor, garlic cream or citrus vinaigrette—it’s up to you, big call to make, no pressure. If you really want to go wild and change up your lobster game, you could go for the lobster and bacon roll or the lobster fettuccine. Whatever you decide it’s pretty obvious that lobster should be your “thing” when you head to Sydney bar, The Rook.

Fish At the Rocks

The Rocks

Sydney seafood fans are already familiar with the seafood feasting potential of Fish At The Rocks, and lobster lovers will be very pleased indeed. You can get your mitts on a whole local rock lobster grilled with lemon and eschallot butter and served with house potato chips and a classic rocket, pear and Parmesan salad. Classic. Classy. Yum.

Waterman's Lobster Co.

Potts Point

The newest kid on the Sydney lobster-obsessed block isn’t pulling any punches, offering up two very traditional lobster rolls to feed the beautiful people of Potts Point and beyond. You can go for Waterman's ‘Connecticut Style’ lobster simply dressed with warm butter, or the more involved ‘Maine Style’ roll where the lobster is doused in mayo and celery. Old school #respect.

Burger Liquor Lobster

Manly and Paddington

Another lobster roll offering that is well worth an outing on the Manly ferry (or just a trip to Paddington), Burger Liquor Lobster is bringing the shellfishy goodness to two locations. The lobster is done in true Aussie style—fried in salt and pepper—and topped off with lemon aioli, chives, red onion and iceberg. Delish.

Johnny Lobster

Crows Nest

If you’re going to have lobster in your name, then lobster has to be your game, and Johnny Lobster doesn’t disappoint. The north shore gem offers up a few different lobster-loving choices for the seafood lovers of Sydney. The classic lobster roll has dill, potato crisps, pico de gallo and pancetta as very talented back up singers to the juicy lobster and the Island Lobster Roll with coconut sambal will have you feeling like you’re on a beach somewhere secluded and expensive rather than in the heart of Crows Nest. If you don’t want to mess around with rolls and prefer to just get straight into the lobster tails, you can find two slathered in chermoula butter and served with grain salad which will leave you very satisfied indeed.

Mr Wong


Everyone knows that Mr Wong has some of the best dim sum in Sydney, and one of the best of the bunch is the Katafi pastry, king crab and lobster roll. If the lobster hunger is still going strong after a few rounds of the rolls, there are tanks of live seafood—rock lobster included—which they can prepare for you in a number of delicious ways like wok-fried with garlic butter or deep-fried with spicy salt.

Pizza Box


You can trust the folks behind Salt Meats Cheese to come up with something delicious and sophisticated, and their onsite pizzeria Pizza Box is following that reputation. The lobster pizza is everything we love all at once—lobster tail on a squid ink pizza base with fontina, mozzarella, garlic oil and thyme. Now there is a pizza we would have no shame in finishing all by ourselves.

Lan Yuan

North Ryde

Some smart person once said something about the simple things in life being the best, and when it comes to lobster wok fried in garlic butter, that saying all of a sudden makes sense. Lan Yuan in North Ryde knows what the Sydney seafood scene loves, and are giving it to us in the most delicious way possible. Bow down.

Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay


The only way to beat the view from Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay is to have a rock lobster sitting between you and the water. Here you can have your shellfish roasted with tarragon and cider butter or wok-fried with salt and pepper, snow pea and shallot. Heaven.

Image credit: Watermans Lobster Co.

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