Where To Get The Best Coffee In North Sydney

By Angela Law
16th Jun 2016

Best coffee in North Sydney cafes

The only thing harder than committing to a new daily coffee spot, is finding a coffee shop that’s open on the weekends in North Sydney. Well thankfully we have compiled our favourite caffeine suppliers in this Northside suburb and some of them are even open on Saturdays, so whether you’re a desk jockey in need of a coffee hit during the week, or a local desperate for a caffeine fix, these North Sydney cafes will have you covered.

Bay Ten Espresso

To simply call Bay Ten Espresso a ‘coffee spot’ is both accurate and wildly understated, because not only is espresso their thing (as the name suggests), but they also serve a mean cold drip, batch brew, five hour cold drip and 16 hour cold drip served over ice. If coffee isn’t your thing then we are wondering what you are doing here, quite frankly. But if this is the case, they also have a number of specialty chai options that may interest you.

The Roots & Next Door

Now that The Roots & Next Door is open on Saturdays, North Sydney dwellers no longer have to go without their weekend morning coffee, or (shudder) make an instant. On constant rotation at this North Sydney café are some of Sydney’s favourite coffees. We’re talking Reuben Hills, Seven Seeds, Dukes, and Single Origin Roasters and, as far as the glass cabinet is concerned, there may or may not be massive, jumbo choc chip cookies in there. 

Underground Espresso

Nestled inside Greenwood Plaza, Underground Espresso prides itself on speciality coffee, with Di Lorenzo as their bean of choice. They’re easily spotted from a distance, with their red and white candy striper cups taking pride of place atop the coffee machine, but it’s the sweet caffeinated nectar that’ll have you coming back for a mid-morning jolt again tomorrow. Aside from the coffee, Underground Espresso also serves a selection of freshly baked treats that unsurprisingly pair perfectly with a hot coffee and a cold morning.

Bacino Bar

Coffee is serious business at Bacino Bar, with six people working in close quarters behind the bar. Not only do they pump out coffee at an alarmingly fast rate throughout the morning rush, but they are also trusting enough to allow their desperate coffee addicts, I mean customers, to throw their money into a tray and take their own change out when paying for their cup. 

Northside Bunker

Aptly named, Northside Bunker is a hole in the wall café offering a respite from the mid-week bustle of North Sydney and delicious coffee. Their beans are from The Grounds, which is always a winner in our books and the locals clearly agree. Opening bright and early at 6.30am each weekday, Northside Bunker is a popular coffee pit stop, with lines of often seen out the door come Monday morning. 

The Greens North Sydney

I know what you are thinking: “a bowls club, for coffee. Really guys?” Yep. A bowls club, for coffee. The Greens is definitely not your ordinary bowls club and if the view over the city skyline isn’t enough to lure you in then the coffee might just be. The food menu should hint to the fact that immense care is taken when creating every item that crosses the pass and this is carried through to the coffee. Their lattes are just as good as their pork belly and they also have almond milk available if you’re that way inclined.

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Image credit: Nicola Sevitt

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