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The Best Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns In Sydney

By Jessica Best - 27 Mar 2018

Ah yes, it’s that glorious time of year again where lovely ol’ gluten really likes to rub it in your face that you can’t eat him. Cue the mighty hot cross bun. Fluffy, tasty and sweet at the best of times but oh-so-damn doughy. So damn, damn doughy.

Fear not, we’ve rounded up some tummy-friendly baked goods that actually taste like the OG himself. You know, the dissolve-in-your-mouth kind and gluten-pumped hot cross buns that everyone else gets to harp on about. Because a hot bunny is an Aussie rite of passage you gluten-free folk don’t deserve to miss out on.

Here are the best gluten-free hot cross buns in Sydney!

Bake Bar

Various locations

Oh hail the soft, juicy, and perfectly spiced with a sweet, sticky glazed hot cross buns flying out of the oven every day at Bake Bar. Made fresh on the daily, you can thank your lucky stars that you won’t be missing out on this epic Easter treat because these legends have whipped up a hot bunny that maybe even beats the OG.​

Imperial Gluten Free Bakery


Get yourself over to the Imperial Gluten Free Bakery because you are literally going to die over these mouth-watering gluten free morsels. Chocolate Easter eggs take a step back, these bad boys are going to be your absolute #guiltypleasure because they’re big, they’re soft and well, they’re basically clouds of wheat-free goodness you should be devouring like, now.

Wholegreen Bakery


The gluten-free hot cross buns at Wholegreen Bakery are glazed to perfection and packed to the brim with apple, figs, raisins and a whole heap of spices which means your Easter week just took a turn for the better. And we mean, while you’re here, you should probably hit up the classic lemon cheesecake with gingerbread crust too.

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Image credit: Ben Tyers

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