Carbalicious! Best Spots To Eat Carbs In Sydney

By Jessica Best - 09 May 2017

If carbs are your soul mate, then this read will be your bible. It’s totally normal to love carbs more than people, right? Exactly. You have our permission to let loose (we’re talking literally when it comes to your belt) and conquer this entire list.  
Carbs for breakfast, carbs for when you’re hung over, carbs all the damn time. Stomach’s at the ready Sydney, here are the best spots to feast on carbs in Sydney. 

Pumpkin Ravioli @ Casoni 

First up, we’re warming your carb craving bellies with a seriously epic plate of pumpkin ravioli from Casoni. And you can’t really go wrong at a dedicated Italian bar and eatery, which is code for: carb central. Obviously. The rav is their signature dish with plush ravioli pieces, pumpkin puree all lovingly smothered in blanket of burnt butter, and topped with fried sage leaves and pistachio. Plus, these guys have cocktails on tap. All in all, Casoni has carbs and happiness tied together pretty damn well. 

Pasta And Schnitzel @ Bill And Toni’s 

It’s a fact that if a restaurant has a blackboard menu, with dishes chalked up on its slate, you’re going to have a really, really good time. Yep, this is Sydney’s equivalent of a long-established Italian eatery (so much so that it’s known as “Little Italy”). It’s simple, old school food that’s unequivocally perfected. We’re talking huge bowls of pasta and their standout schnitty with cheese. 

Crab Risotto @ Mantecato 

There’s no doubt that risotto is one of the best comfort foods of our time. So thank god the epic team behind Mantecato were smart enough to give Sydney a quality risotteria. And what makes this risotto so damn good? Well that would be the whisking-in of butter to Italy’s finest carnaroli grains, obvs. Apart from wanting to order every dish on the menu (no judgement), the zucchini risotto with spanner crab meat and crab bisque is a hearty serving perfect for cheat day (and let’s be honest, that’s pretty much every day of the week). 

Cheese Wheel Pasta @ Buffalo Dining Club 

If someone asked us to live off cheese, we’d happily oblige. It can seriously do no wrong. And what’s better than cheese itself? Gather round children—behold cheese wheel pasta. Let those three fabulous and mouth watering words sink in. And if you have no clue what all the hype is about, picture this: a full round of Parmigiano-Reggiano hollowed out into a bowl, where your pasta or risotto is then lovingly thrown in and mixed to melt into the cheese. Yeah, we got goose bumps too. 

Late Night Sandwich @ Bar Brose  

Perusing through the carbalicious menu on offer at Bar Brose is dangerous business, and should you be wearing a pair of your tightest jeans (read: stretchy pants only people). It’s good stuff. In fact, it’s better than good; it’s everything you’d want in your last meal ever. Cue crispy lamb ribs, potato gnocchi and of course, their famous late night sambo. This toastie concoction is a terrific stack of pineapple-glaze leg ham, melted Gruyere and nduja. 

Four Cheese Truffle Toasti @ Nelson Road Tuckshop 

Our favourite adult tuckshop is speaking to us on a whole new level these days with the epic four-cheese truffle toastie. Warning, this is food-porn done right. You’ll get the fluffiness (with that perfect light crunch) of freshly baked bread packed with four kinds of oozing cheeses; followed by fennel and a whole heap of truffle goodness. Don’t worry; you can totally balance it all with a house made green smoothie. 

Pasta Nights @ Two Chaps 

Two Chaps keeps its doors open twice a week to feed the carb-deprived bellies of Sydney. And what legendary feeds are they plating up? Think hand-made fresh pasta and local cheese, sounds like our kind of carb party. Expect the weekly ravioli with green pea and buffalo ricotta, sage burnt butter and hazelnut aillade, and specials like saffron rigatoni with pumpkin, three cheese cream, baby cavolo nero, shaved zucchini and pine nuts. No judgement, we drooled too. 

Northern Chinese Dumplings @ Chinese Noodle House 

This noodle and dumpling hub is an institution and deservedly so, serving up super addictive eats with the idea that you can never have too much pan-fried deliciousness (which we can confirm this). The Chinese Noodle House is your go-to for fresh dumplings with a huge mix of fillings—pork and chive, pork or seafood—are all top choices! And in case you’re wondering, yes, your teeth really do sink into the pastry.  

Mac N Cheese Toastie @ Barista And Cook 

It’s a coffee mecca with a good stash of healthy eats, but the crew at Barista and Cook know that we can only do “health” and “fitness” for so long (read: a day) until we start craving the deliciousness that only a mac n cheese toastie can deliver. Behold, the deliciously grilled cheese toastie with relish. And all you need to know is that it’s everything a toastie ought to be. 

Fried Chicken Sandwich @ Butter 

Wrapping your hands around the fried chicken sandwich at Butter is nothing short of a religious experience. This is definitely what we mean when only a delightfully greasy burger will curb our hanger. And we’re so glad it takes the form of crunchy and juicy fried chicken on a soft milk bun with pickles, dashi butter and a side of slaw. Give yourself a self-five for prioritising feeds like this over abs. 

The Vacanza Pizza @ Vacanza 

Ah, meet the crowning glory of Bourke Street, Vacanza. The hand-made pizzas here are a cult classic around Surry Hills. In fact, we’re pretty sure the saying “you don’t really live in Surry Hills if you’ve never been to Vacanza” is a thing. And we’re totally backing it, especially since the self-titled pizza here is well and truly the greatest slab of dough, roasted mushrooms, truffle oil and grated pecorino you will ever eat. 

Nutella Dome @ Candeloris 

If there’s a place that does dessert well, it’s Candeloris. Because no one ever said, “Nutella mousse with a soft Nutella custard centre finished with a hazelnut biscuit and dried strawberries” tastes bad. Ever. 

Butter Toast Donut @ Grumpys Doughnuts 

Yep, the fried confectionary juggernauts have a seriously amazing donut (technically, more than one). Without a doubt, the staple ring of goodness that every belly deserves to taste is their butter toast donut. And you know what that means? You can easily have it for breakfast.  

Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Burger @ Miss Peaches 

Oh yes, waffle burgers are a thing, and a drool-worthy thing at that. Miss Peaches is serving up funky American soul food and a heap of home-made sodas, but more to the point, the team here does a fried chicken waffle burger with pickles, slaw, bacon and maple syrup. No words guys, no words.

Carbed out? Balance it out with one of The Best Spots For Healthy Eating in Sydney.

Casoni | Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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