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Catching up with GG Magree

By Sophia Fukunishi
11th Aug 2014

If you've been out to any Sydney bars at all, you might be familiar with GG Magree. Formerly known as DJ Georgia, she's been DJing all around Sydney ever since she turned 18 and was legally allowed into clubs. She's opened for the likes of Azaelia Banks, Rita Ora, and Wu Tang Clan, to name a few and we're huge fans of her style, music, and all-round awesomeness.

We caught up with GG Magree to see what she's been up to and found out about some of her favourite things to do in Sydney.

TUL: You've been living it up in the USA recently. What were you doing there and have you got plans to go back any time soon?

GG: Yeah I actually head back in 2 weeks for a month to finish off a project I have been working on with an LA-based producer! SO excited to share it sooooooon! 

TUL: Sounds awesome. We can't wait to hear what you have in store! We're not going to lie, we occasionally stalk your Instagram and we love your style. Can you tell us where you like to shop?

GG: Everyone insta stalks these days—I'm a mad Insta creep! My style is super tomboy, I'm all about big shirts and bike shorts. I do most of my shopping online from Vfiles, or my girl's store, Tigermist.

GG Magree

TUL: Speaking of style, your YEAH PUSSY merchandise seems to be only getting more and more popular with the likes of Rita Ora and Lil Jon wearing your stuff. How did it all come about?

GG: It was a personal joke between me and my older brother. We used to scream it at people and then I decided to make it my merchandise as it suits my style—carefree and playful. 

TUL: So now we have you back in town (even if it's only for a little while), what would your ideal weekend in Sydney be?

GG: My fave thing to do in Sydney is hang with my girls, drink rose and eat red frogs! I'm also obsessed with farmers markets at the moment so I love going to the one on a Saturday down at Carriageworks. 

TUL: They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Where are your favourite Sydney breakfast spots?

GG: Mmm breakfast. I love the Carrington for brekkie. They do South American style, so, acai bowls or, if I'm hung over, chicken and waffles! 

TUL: Also important—dinner. What restaurants do you love to go to?

GG: I'm a big fan of seafood, so the House of Crabs in the Norfolk is definitely my fave! I also love Fratelli Fresh. Their pastas are nom, nom, nom! 

TUL: Obviously with your line of work, you get out quite a bit. What are your favourite bars in Sydney?

GG: I love The Passage, which is on Victoria Street in the Cross. It always has a mega good vibe. I also love Tio's for Tequila! BOOM.

TUL: And finally… What's next for GG Magree?

GG: Take over the world, pussy style! Meow.

Check out GG Magree's SoundCloud here.

GG Magree

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