Join This New COVID-Inspired Hospo Initiative So We Can All Keep Enjoying Sydney’s Nightlife

By Tim Piccione
14th Oct 2020

The interior of Redfern Surf Club pub in Redfern.

We should all come away from this year with a stronger appreciation for the things we take for granted, like health, financial security, and the people around us. And let’s be honest–our favourite places to go out for a drink and bite to eat. The more pubs, bars, and restaurants in Sydney are reopening, the more our lives are starting to get back to normal.

That’s without even mentioning the thousands of jobs that depend on those places being open for us to enjoy. Since Sydney reopened, our hospo legends have listened to our problems again, with a good yarn and a big grin (even if it was hidden behind a mask). So, for our sake and for the sake of those workers who put up with our wrong orders and spilt drinks, the last thing we want is our city and night-time economy shutting down again. We might be enjoying it all right now, but the message is crystal clear—let’s not get complacent.

To help us all remember the ways to stay safe on our nights out, the Night Time Industry Association is launching a campaign: Check. Check. Check. The not-for-profit organisation wants to help cement three things into your going out routine in post-pandemic Sydney. Check in with your details at the door. Check your hands by regularly washing and sanitising. And, finally, check yourself by social distancing and staying safe.

We reckon that’s a pretty bloody fair trade if that’s all we need to do to keep our cold schooners, bottomless rosé brunches, fancy degustations, and late-night kebabs.

Some of our favourite Sydney venues are already jumping on board and getting involved with the initiative, like The Winery, Earl’s Juke Joint, Button Bar, Redfern Surf Club, Bungalow 8, and the Lansdowne. Trust us, it won’t be long before you start seeing those three words around a lot more.

So, next time you walk into a pub, and you feel like you need to complain about another sign in, just remember that without it you’ll be back home drinking that terrible homebrew you thought was a good idea during the lockdown. Instead of rolling your eyes and sighing loudly, just check in, check your hands, and for good measure, check yourself.

It’s a small price to pay for the things we love. 

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Image credit: Redfern Surf Club

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