Churros Bowls Are Coming To Sydney And Are Exactly What You Think

By Angela Law
11th Apr 2016

Churros bowls desserts in Sydney

Set to open its doors on May 6th, Milky Lane is already making (metaphorical, interweb) waves with their ridonculous Instagram posts that have had us drooling all over our keyboards for the past eight weeks. 

The rascals have been leading us on with constant teasers and mini pop-ups that have us champing at the bit to give Milky Lane’s dessert and burger concoctions a go. 

For weeks, they have been touting their CoNut; a churro/donut/Trdelnik cone filled with homemade soft serve. Then, last night they introduced us to The Churro Bowl, which they stumbled across online and have now committed to mastering. The Internet can’t even deal. We can’t even deal. 

Let me walk you through the Churro Bowl, because anything short of a full introduction would be impolite. Picture a long snail of churro crafted in to the shape of a cereal bowl, then doused in cinnamon sugar and filled with homemade soft serve. It is then drizzled with Nutella and liquid caramel, but Milky Lane have also promised to add their delicious toppings into the mix. Think crushed nuts, fresh fruit, pretzels and Maltesers to start. 

It began as a long-term love affair with churros, and then evolved into an obsession with the traditional Czech dessert (and Insta-celeb) Trdelnik. Now it has next-leveled into this dessert hybrid that has the Internet going out of their minds today.  

Is the Churro Bowl taking it too far? Is it possible to take any churro related dessert too far? Probably not, tbh. We’ll see you there!

Image credit: Milky Lane

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