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Drop Everything! Coachella Pre Sale Is Happening This Weekend

By Yvonne Lam
1st Jun 2018

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Sick of squinting at Coachella live streams, sneakily minimised in the corner of your work computer? Squint no more, and get yo’self some cold, hard tickets to see Coachella in the flesh. 

Set your alarm(s), because pre-sale tickets for Coachella 2019 go on sale this weekend, on Saturday 2 June, 4am AEST (or 1 June at 11am, PDT...if you don’t trust us, you can check for yourself here). Tickets will be up for grabs for either Weekend #1 (12-14 April) or Weekend #2 (19-21 April) and honestly, we know you couldn’t deal with another let down as savage as missing Beychella. 

A big plus of pre-sales is that you can take advantage of Coachella’s payment plan. A full-price general admission pass will cost $US429, but with a payment plan, your price will be split into seven payments, with the first instalment due at checkout. For those of you playing at home, that’s seven payments of $US61 and we allllll know you spent more than that on UberEats this week alone. 

And while you’re at it, you’re wise to consider your accommodation, too. Weigh up whether you’ll stay out of town and drive into the festival, or whether you’ll spring for the car camping or tent camping options. Very important things to consider come checkout time!

Such is the power of Coachella that even without announcing a line-up, punters around the world will have their mouses hovering over their browser’s refresh button smack at 3.59am. And of course, we’re talking about ourselves. We wish we could start refreshing now just to make it come faster (that works, right?). 

Lots more handy info about the Coachella pre-sales is here.

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Image credit: Andrew Ruiz

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