Come At Us, Spring! 10 Ways to Get Ready For the Warmer Months

By Rachel Stevenson
23rd Sep 2015

I don’t know about you, but we here at The Urban List CAN’T WAIT for the warmer months! Lazy days spent lounging around at the beach and drinking cocktails long into the balmy summer evenings… it’s what Australia does best, and we’re super excited for all the fun to begin.

However, there’s one slight flaw in our plan; we are in no way ready for said summer days! Having spent the past few months hibernating, our skin hasn’t seen daylight in months (hello mega pale limbs), our legs haven’t been shaved in, er, an undisclosed amount of time, and our hair is in desperate need of a summer overhaul! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a handy list of things to do in Sydney for you, to enjoy all the fun that summer has to offer!

#1 Cleanse the right way with Lucky You Cleanse

Winter skin and body in need of a boost? The guys over at Lucky You Juice Cleanse have got what you need to feel like you again! Founded on the simple principle of creating juices using the finest raw fruit and veg; these juice cleanses will have you feeling ready to hit the beach in no time.

#2 Fake it till you make it with Tan Temple

A little (fake) tan never hurt anybody! We don’t know about you, but a tan always adds to our confidence, so before you get your pins out this summer, head over to Tan Temple for that glorious golden glow long before it’s actually hot enough to sunbathe!

#3 Stock up on the healthiness at Henley’s Wholefoods

A paleo, organic and lean (wow!) café, Henley’s knows that you are what you eat! Boasting frankly drool-inducing dishes such as ‘Maca Packed Hotcakes’ and ‘Coconut Dusted Sweet Potato Wedges’ (ummm, yum!) this is the place to head for a splurge brunch with gals, minus the guilt!

#4 Change up your colour at People Hairdressing

Summer always calls for a hair update in the form of colour and who better to do it than the guys at People Hairdressing? They know how to give you perfect colour, no matter the state of your hair, and you’ll always leave feeling like you’re in some kind of hair ad.

#5 Get fuzz free with ThaSpa’s IPL hair removal

IPL hair removal is the only way to de-fuzz these days, but with a million choices on the market, it’s hard to choose the best. Well, look no further; ThaSpa beauty salon offers the very latest technology in hair removal, leaving you to spend your spare time having fun, rather than constantly worrying about having to shave/wax/bleach or pluck!

#6 Refresh your skin at Melanie Grant

A bespoke skincare service, Melanie Grant caters to your individual skin type, creating a skin regime that is perfect for you, and only you! We all know that the summer months can be harsh on our skin, so keep yours in prime condition and looking its absolute best with a personalised regime.

#7 Work on your bangin’ summer bod with KFit

Forget expensive gyms, KFit is the ingenious way to exercise. It’s a little like fitness tapas—a more social, fun way to burn those calories. The first month is free and for a measly $69 a month you’ll have unlimited access to hundreds of Sydney studios, gyms and classes including barre, spin, yoga and more; all over the city! You and a friend can also attend one free class a month together. And of course, you’re not locked in, ever (that’d be no fun). You’ll never get bored of exercising with the amount of classes on offer, we promise!

#8 Spring clean your house with Tidy Me

It’s not just your mind and body that need a spring clean, your house does too! And that’s where the eco-friendly cleaners at Tidy Me come in… Use the handy online booking service (like Uber, but for cleaners!), to find a cleaner in your area, and rest assured knowing they only use eco-friendly cleaning products.

#9 Hit refresh on your health at work and home with Egg of the Universe

Okay, we’ve had a few more donuts than we’d care to admit over winter, but fortunately Egg of the Universe makes healthy eating as delicious as it is easy. At work, they offer a corporate wellness program with wholefoods catering, yoga and meditation. You can also get their Wholefoods Lifesupport at home, to ensure there’s always something healthy for you to snack on or enjoy for dinner.   

#10 Learn how to ferment at Cornersmith

Fermented foods contain digestive enzymes, health-boosting nutrients (like b-vitamins and Omega-3) and beneficial probiotics, don’t you know?! But what are they, you ask? Fermented foods are those that have been through a process called lactofermentation. where natural bacteria feeds on the sugar and starch found in the foods creating lactic acid and in turn providing the aforementioned health benefits. Create your own superfoods and learn all about the benefits at Cornersmith’s introductory workshop! Find out more here.

Now, go forth and enjoy the sun, kids!

Image credit: Jackie Lyn Powell at Egg of the Universe, Nicola Sevitt at Lucky You Cleanse, Michelle Jarni for KFit

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