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Deliveroo Is Now Doing Late Night Delivery In Sydney

By Angela Law
8th Sep 2016

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Deliveroo is now doing late night food deliveries as of right bloody now in Sydney. This is not a drill. I repeat – this is NOT a drill. 

Finally, someone else understands our need for late night gelato, and by late we mean that they’ll deliver right up to 12.30 in the AM. If your cravings are a bit more savoury, then you’ll also be able to satisfy your late night munchies with something a little bit fancier than the left over chips you found right at the back of your pantry, you know the ones, sitting on the wrong side of stale. 

A whole bunch of your Deliveroo favourites will be joining in the fun and if you’re anything like us, you’ll take comfort in knowing that burgers, salads and meal boxes from your local chicken shop are all within reach minus any real effort.

What’s potentially even more exciting is the fact that Melbourne has just been given the green light on delivering booze, so we won’t be too far behind. It’ll definitely come in handy on Friday nights, when your downed a few too many to get in the car and drive to the bottle-o for more, or when you quite frankly just can’t be arsed walking but DESPERATELY need another six pack. Can you tell we’re excited? Watch this space.

If you are only just jumping on the delivery train, then check this out

Image credit: Bar Ume

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