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By Amanda Perez - 12 Nov 2015

mazi mas dinners in Sydney

Mazi Mas is the restaurant pop-up project that’s innovating Sydney’s social and eating scenes. Providing training and employment opportunities to female migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, Mazi Mas is all about equality of access and equality of outcomes (as well as tasty, tasty food).

Dishing up authentic and culturally diverse dishes that warm the heart and the belly, the project aims to preserve and celebrate these women’s personal recipes and skills as empowering expressions of their diverse cultural heritage. While many participants have formal qualifications from their homeland, they often go unrecognised in Australia, inciting a vicious cycle of unemployability and social isolation. 

A feminist organisation and not-for-profit, Mazi Mas (meaning “with us” in Greek) aims to equip women with the local and professional skills and experience that can help them earn an independent income and tell their stories through home-style food you can’t get the likes of anywhere else. 

Kickstarted in London in 2012, it’s clear that this project has universal relevance in a time where mass-migrations are taking place and commercial kitchens are dominated by men. Gracing our shores in October of last year, Mazi Mas has popped up in local venues like Third Village, The Rusty Rabbit, Café Dov, and Lush Bucket Café, boasting menus brimming with delicious dishes inspired from around the world. At these pop-up dinners, Mazi Mas wish diners to take away long lasting memories, to connect with women they may not usually come across in their day to day lives, and to have a great time.

With over 50% of participants having gone on to find employment in hospitality thanks to Mazi Mas and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, it’s delicious to see such inspiring work being done to tap into the potential of a community too often underestimated. 

The next Mazi Mas dinners will be held on Thursday 26th, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th November, 2015. Get your tickets here.

The details

  • What: Mazi Mas Pop-up Dinners
  • When: Thursday 26th, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th November
  • Where: Bar Cupola, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney
  • Tickets: Available here

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