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Launch Yourself Into The Future At Sydney’s Brand New 4DX Cinema

By Jessica Best
9th Dec 2019

4dx cinema sydney

Sydney, the future has arrived in the most next-level way possible so strap yourself in (literally), because going to the movies just got a whole lot more exciting.

In massive news, Event Cinemas has announced it will kick off a string of brand new 4DX cinemas across Australia. One of these will launch at its Parramatta outpost this December (right off the back of its initial success at the flagship George Street theatre), which means you’re in for some serious multidimensional movie-watching. 

If you’re not across what 4DX means, these types of theatres have been hyped in the US and parts of Asia and feature specially designed motion chairs that move to match the action on-screen. Expect vibration effects, facial water and air jets. These 4DX cinemas also showcase mind-blowing environmental effects including lightning, ticklers, wind, fog, scents and rain.

Basically, if Wonder Woman is dodging bullets, leaping across trucks in a high-speed chase and travelling through a lightning storm, you are too. 

On top of this, Event Cinema’s is also expanding its “Double Daybed” offering (yes, cinemas decked out with actual beds) so you can watch all the blockbusters in maximum comfort in its Bondi, Burwood, Castle Hill, Miranda and Macquarie venues.

Head here for all the details.

Plus, at this cinema, you can lie in bed beds and chill out under the stars.

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