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Get Shucked | The Best Places To Eat Oysters In Sydney

By Jessica Best
23rd Jan 2017

Psst! Here's Where To Get This Seasons First Batch Of Bluff Oysters

Listen up Sydney, Australia does some of the best oysters in the world. And these sea treats are just a little bit spesh because not only are they super smooth and tasty, but no seafood platter would be complete without them. This means that no Sunday session would be a REAL Sunday session if these bad boys didn’t make an appearance.

And we know you’re hungry Sydney, make that starved. Your hunger needs somewhere that not only serves up oysters, but somewhere that serves up some of the most delicious molluscs around, and we’re going to give you a restaurant (or nine) that can do both.

Here are the best places to eat oysters in Sydney, enjoy.

The Morrison 


The Morrison is hands down one of the best places to eat these delicious molluscs. They’re always super fresh, super juicy, drizzled in super delicious dressings and delivered delivered fresh on the daily from growers. You can order one, two or a dozen oysters and have their sommelier suggest a wine to compliment your choice of oyster dish (um champagne and oysters? Yes). Plus, these guys have an oyster happy hour every Wednesday where these bad boys are just a dollar!

North Bondi Fish

Bondi Beach

It makes sense to be downing oysters on one of Sydney’s most iconic beaches. This is the ultimate place to start your Sunday sesh (or a sesh on any other day for that matter). The rock oysters at North Bondi Fish are doused in a killer chardonnay vinegar mignonette. So oysters, cocktails and an epic view? Check. Check. Check.


Blackwattle Bay

Everyone who’s ever oystered is banging on about the meaty molluscs at the Boathouse, and for a good reason too. There are also numerous oyster platters to choose from and yep, you should get them all.

Sydney Fish Market


We don’t need to tell you that the Sydney Fish Market is obvs your go-to for all things fresh from the sea. And FYI, the oysters here are shucked on the spot (seriously, you can watch the masters at work in front of your hungry eyes). Wanna know the best part? The world is actually your oyster when it comes to how you can prep these ocean goodies: steamed, poached, fried, baked, grilled—whatever your flavour you’ll want to stuff yourself silly!

Opera Bar

Circular Quay

For some serious oyster lunching hit up Opera Bar. Pair a signature meat and cheese platter with an order of Pacific or rock oysters and we guarantee you’ll be thanking us later. Choose either a ponzu or tabasco mignonette and guys, their oyster shots = tasty AF.  



A waterfront view with a 180-degree vista of Sydney Harbour (insta that scenery) paired with oysters gets a big fat yes from us. Especially when they’re damn delicious natural oysters, or how about giving their salsa oysters with watermelon, raspberry vinegar & chive dressing a whirl? Whatever your flavour Ecco is an 11 out of 10.

Cafe Ananas

The Rocks

This little corner of Sydney is probably the closest you’re going to get to the French-Mediterranean without actually going there, and we’re totally ok with that. Because not only does Cafe Ananas serve up dollar oysters every Wednesday night, these sea treats are by far some of the most flavoursome oysters you’ll find around Sydney. So if you’re not an oyster fan now, you definitely will be after these.

Coogee Pavilion


Whether you order up one of their bountiful seafood platters or get your oyster fix freshly shucked at the bar, you’re going to have a good time. And the saltwater clams at Coogee Pavilion are exactly how you’d want them—big, salty and moreish.

Cafe Sydney

Circular Quay

As if you guys needed another reason to drop by Cafe Sydney. Along with amazing rooftop views, an outdoor terrace and an epic cocktail lounge, the team here are also giving you next level oysters. Let’s just say, Cafe Sydney is the candyshop equivalent for these tasty sea snacks with oysters coming in a shallot vinaigrette, dappled in apple, roe and chive or topped with salmon and watermelon dressing.

Need more seafood in your life? You'll find Sydney's best right here.

Image Credit: Louise Coghill

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