Get Your Lebanese On!

By Anna May
12th Feb 2015

When it comes to finding great Lebanese food in Sydney, it must be said that options can usually be limited to a long drive if you’re city-based, or a questionable kebab shop at 2am. Luckily there’s Jasmin1 Leichhardt, which, in our opinion, can easily be called one of the best restaurants in Leichhardt and is definitely on our list of the best Lebanese restaurants in Sydney. 

Why? Well, for one, you’ll find most of the food simply tastes better than what you’ll find in an average Lebanese kitchen in Sydney. And it all comes down to fresh ingredients combined with care and passion from the guys in the kitchen. So much so that majority of the recipes come from the family cookbook, and you can really tell. From the colourful jars of pickled vegetables that adorn the counter as you walk in, to the I-don’t-care-if-my-breath-reeks-just-let-me-dip-my-kebbeh-in-it garlic sauce. 

So when it comes to eating time, imagine dipping obscenely crispy Lebanese bread into the smoothest hummus, the most moreish baba gannouj, and the creamiest labneh you’ve ever come across, and that’s just a taste of what’s available at Jasmin1 Leichhardt.

As is the case with all great Lebanese food, Jasmin1 Leichhardt offers a family-style menu that is easy to share with mates, which means you get to order enough to feed several small countries and actually justify it this time. If, like us, you want to get merry over dinner but are stuck for good BYO restaurants in Sydney, you’re in luck! These guys are big supporters of you bringing your own wine and getting stuck in (we told you these guys were legends!). 

For more than four people, you really can’t go past the banquet menus. You’ll be served hefty portions of all your favourite Lebanese dishes: from refreshing fatoush to irresistible haloumi and kafta, all the way to the obligatory baklava. If you’re still hankering for something sweet, go for a serving of Lebanese ice cream from the guys at Booza. 

As if you needed more convincing, Jasmin1 Leichhardt has plenty of room for you and your mates or family, so it’s a great spot to have a birthday dinner in Sydney. 

So pack your vino and prep your stomach, Listers, it’s time to get your Lebanese on!

TUL Note: This article is proudly sponsored by Jasmin1 Leichhardt and endorsed by The Urban List. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy. 

Image credit: Lisa Brooke

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