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No Joke, Hawai’i Is Looking For An Apprentice

By Ange Law
7th May 2018

In news that will shock absolutely everyone and improve your day by 3000% (give or take), Hawai’i is searching for an apprentice. We’ll just give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the table—done? Good. Oh yeah, and it’s not only going to score you a free trip to Honolulu AND The Big Island, but you’ll also be paid 1000 smackeroos for your efforts, which equates to a single day’s work. 

It’s all happening because the good guys at Hawai’i tourism have teamed up with the uber helpful Airtasker and together, they’re looking for the Aloha Apprentice—has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Basically, this means the lucky winner will be flown over for a four-day ‘Aloha immersion’, involving accommodation at super-luxe The Royal Hawaiian hotel, a ukulele lesson with local musical legends, surf lessons, sunrise yoga and more. Then you’ll fly to The Big Island for a cooking class, hike through the famous volcanic national park and you’ll be dragged onto a volcano helicopter tour. 

Sounds almost too good to be true right? Well, here comes the work bit. For one day (25 May) you’ll help the tourism peeps give 500 Lei greetings. That’s literally it. Hand out Leis, then score $1000 and a sick trip for your efforts. 

Applications close in just under a week, on 10 May, so hop to it guys! Apply here.

Meanwhile, here's some Hawai'i hiking inspo for you too.

Image credit: Supplied

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