Hottest Fitness Trends 2014

By Phoebe Hurst
4th Jan 2014

Long ago, in an age before Lorna Jane crop tops and MyFitnessPal, human beings didn't need to worry about working out. Chasing wild animals with spears and lugging rocks around was more about survival than toning your biceps - although it must have been effective in that respect too, you'd need to be pretty ripped to take down a woolly mammoth. Then, the Iron Age and Buzzfeed and drive-through Krispy Kreme happened, and getting your heart rate up to 95 BPM three times a week suddenly became a lot harder. Modern man is forever thinking up increasingly elaborate ways to exercise, and fitness trends go in and out of style quicker than you can say "sabre-toothed tiger". 

To help you earn cool points and get Kate Hudson's legs, we've put together a list of next year's hottest workouts, fitness classes and training schemes. Or you could kick it old school and start chasing things with spears... might be best to warn the neighbours first though.  


Despite being around for nearly two decades, CrossFit saw a burst of popularity in 2013, thanks to the patronage of health and fitness dons Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. A combination of weightlifting, aerobics, step and running exercises, the high intensity workout is set to be the big fitness trend of 2014. 


Few things in life are more satisfying than a good bout of air-drumming. Bashing out a few bars of "The Immigrant Song" on your steering wheel is probably the only good thing about waiting at the lights. LA fitness buffs Cristina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza know all about the joy of invisible percussion and have turned air-drumming into a full blown workout. Part cardio workout class, part jam session, Pound is a fat-burning cardio routine performed to music with neon drumsticks. It can burn up to 900 calories per hour as well as improving coordination but really, they had us at "neon drumsticks". 

No gym workouts

Paying $2.99 to download a fitness app on your smart phone certainly beats six months of gym fees, but can it be as effective? Elle Macpherson's personal trainer, James Duigan certainly thinks so. He swears by Pocket Yoga and Gorilla Workout, a cute app that features over 40 body-weight only exercises. The workout video is set to be big again too next year, but thankfully with less Lycra this time round. P90X counts Pink and Bruno Mars among its fans and combines weight-training, yoga and martial arts-inspired moves in a gruelling 90 day programme.  

RIP Zumba 

Sorry Zumbistas, due to the rising popularity of short burst HIIT workouts (and presumably the notion that there is such a thing as too much mambo), Zumba has been consigned to the fitness scrapheap. According to the American College of Sports Medicine's latest report on our exercise habits, the dance workout class should now be referred to as "a fad and not a trend". Ouch. 


Some things never go out of style, and like the trusty LBD or your favourite pair of jeans, yoga is the one exercise routine you can count on to prime your body and your street cred. The ancient discipline is a favourite among countless celebs, including Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga and next year we'll be seeing even more of this zen-inducing fitness craze. New takes on traditional yoga, like Power Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Hip Hop Yoga, will be making themselves felt on our thighs next year.

Soul Cycle

If you thought spinning was hard, Soul Cycle takes bike-induced torture (or euphoria, depending on your point of view) to new levels. Big in San Francisco and New York, the indoor cycling workout includes anaerobic intervals to tone the abs and shoulders as well as the legs. Be warned: it's set to hit Australia in 2014. 

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