How To Get A Table At Noma Australia

By Sophia Fukunishi
20th Oct 2015

noma australia

ICYMI, Noma Copenhagen is opening a temporary restaurant in Sydney early next year *squeals with excitement*. René Redzepi and the entire creative team from Noma Copenhagen will be closing the doors in Copenhagen and throwing open the Sydney doors from 26th January until 2nd April much to the excitement of foodies Australia-wide.

The $485 menu will showcase the best of Australian produce as interpreted by René Redzepi who says, “The menu development is looking really good. Between our sommeliers and kitchen staff we’ve already been on six research trips to Australia over the past ten months. We’ve gone to as many regions as we can, to get a good perspective on the amazing produce in Australia. In December, we’ll move the entire creative team to Sydney so they can spend time putting together a menu that best showcases what we’ve found on our trips.”

Sure, it ain’t cheap, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than the plane fare to Copenhagen. Plus it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime things, which makes the $$$ somewhat easier to part with.

Rene Redzepi Noma Australia

René Redzepi on a research trip in the Northern Territory

But how does one get a reservation at one of the best restaurants in the world? 

Bookings for Noma Australia (which will be at the new Barangaroo) will open at 10am on 30th October. Add that to your GCal, people! Head online and make a booking for a table of two, four, six, or eight (now that’s a baller table). Make sure you have your credit card ready as you’ll need to pay up front when you book (with a 1.65% credit card fee).

Some extra details…

  • Noma Australia will be open for ten weeks from from 26th January until 2nd April, 2016
  • Reservations are non-refundable so make sure none of your dining companions flake out on you! However you can transfer the name of the guests online.
  • You can only book one table at a time.
  • You don’t need to pay for the drinks up front, just the food.

If eating at Noma has been on your eating bucket list, then get booking on 30th October and live out that dream!

Image credit: Noma Australia

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