Dirty John Season 2 Is On The Way And Bring On The Cringe

By Jessica Best
4th Mar 2019

In big entertainment news, Dirty John is on the return for a second season. From hit true-crime podcast to cult TV show, there’s no doubt you’ve devoured every juicy bit of the manipulative and deceitful relationship between John Meehan and Debra Newell.

If you’re yet to binge your way through the eight episodes on Netflix at current, we’ll spare you the spoilers but you might want to crack on soon since Bravo has ordered (pretty urgently) an anthology series off the back of Dirty John’s TV success. 

That basically means season two will be a self-contained story and tale a completely different relationship. More details are yet to come but if you’re yet to conquer the world of Dirty John, you can watch the TV show right here and the new documentary right here.

And here's a bunch of slow lit podcasts to help you get to sleep.

Image credit: Bravo

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