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Live Out Your Prom Night Dreams With Curious Cartel

By Ally Parker - 12 Sep 2015

prom night curious cartel

‘I guess we can watch a movie?’ is widely remembered as the place good dates go to die. How about an immersive cinematic experience instead? Curious Cartel’s Prom Night promises stolen kisses, roving disco lights and vodka-laced punch. 

There’s little we like more than a mystery. Alright, those amped-up new milkshakes are pretty poppin’ but seriously, it’s all about the unknown. It should therefore come as little surprise that we’re politely declining those donut-laden shakes for Curious Cartel and their promise of a prom night. 

CC’s cinematic event, The Prom, will shake up ‘dinner and a movie’ on September 19th. The location is still secret but the dress code? PROM! i.e. puffed-sleeves and corsages only please. It’s anyone’s guess as to the movie (seriously, there are so many possibilities so can you let us know). Organisers have assured us they’ll be a licensed bar and food trucks a-plenty so don’t fret if popcorn ain’t your thing. 

Curious Cartel landed squarely and surely with their first event Popcorn Therapy in May. The result? We fell a little bit in love with this kind of immersive cinematic experience and started to expect a whole lot more from our movie nights. (Although, in our opinion, Magic Mike is still a piece of cinematic genius).

Scared of the unknown? We’ll allay some of your fears with a little recap from Popcorn Therapy, CC’s inaugural event. Guests received a mysterious email advising them to find a man named Robert in Hyde Park who thoughtfully wore a ski-mask to maintain the air of mystique/what could possibly go wrong?. The rest of the night was filled with a car park viewing of Fight Club, complete with Ikea furniture, Tinder-addiction counseling and Tyler Durden screaming “You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else” i.e. a film come to life and a minor existential crisis. 

With that in mind it’s anyone’s guess what The Prom will feature. Will there be dancing? Big hair? God forbid… Carrie?! Also will someone please let Mum know if there’ll be a chaperone? 

The details:

  • When: Saturday 19th September
  • Where: Secret location!
  • Cost: $60 per person
  • Get your tickets here

Image credit: Napoleon Dynamite

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