Mamma Mia! Via Napoli Pizzeria Opens In Surry Hills

By Amy Lyall
15th Sep 2015

via napoli surry hills

The title of ‘Sydney’s best pizza’ is thrown around a lot but we think that Luigi and his team at Via Napoli Pizzeria are up there with the best of the best. This pizzeria is finally crossing the bridge after conquering Lane Cove and heading into the heart of Surry Hills.

Naples born Luigi has the passion for pizza in his blood—he’s worked in famous pizzerias all over Europe and, after gaining all of that experience, he’s bought his knowledge here. So, if you’re looking for traditional Neapolitan pizza this is the place to go.

The enthusiastic team creates a warm and exciting atmosphere that’s going to have you feeling like you’ve spent the day strolling through the busy streets of Naples and popped into a local pizzeria for a bite to eat.

The dough at Via Napoli is hand kneaded to create their signature light and fluffy texture that will just have you going back for slice after slice until you’ve unwittingly put away a whole pizza (worth it). Newcomers should definitely hit up the classic margherita—because a) any good pizza place needs to be able to nail a margherita, and b) it’s fantastic here.

Oh, and just quietly, they have one-metre pizzas. Yes, that’s right. One whole metre of pizza. Perfect for a group, or particularly ravenous diners, you can select up to three menu toppings for this bad boy. If that’s a bit much for you, the half metre pizza is perfect for two—if you’re willing to share.

If you’re thinking, yeah I’ve seen the one-metre pizza before, show me something new guys, prepare yourself for more pizza than you’ll know what to do with. The two metre-pizza topped with Via Napoli’s top five pizzas—vesuvio, diavola, crudo & rucola, margherita and marinara, is an eye-popping, crowd pleasing behemoth. Cue heavy breathing.

Their whole menu is filled up with Italian delights stretching further than just pizza. Starters of zucchini flowers stuffed with fresh buffalo ricotta, home made gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce with walnuts and truffle oil, and, of course, dessert with tiramisu or crème brulee to finish it all off (if you can squeeze it in).

It’s not just the style of pizza that makes Via Napoli so damn good, it’s what goes into them too. Using high quality imported products like San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fior di latte are just some of the extra touches that go into making this pizza so damn special. Be warned, you’ll be leaving with a food coma but hey, when the food is that good can you really complain? 

Image credit: Sophia Fukunishi

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