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Mary’s, Porteno, and Young Henrys Are Opening a Pub

By Sophia Fukunishi - 17 Sep 2015

the unicorn pub in Sydney

What happens when you bring Mary’s, Porteno, Bodega and Young Henrys together? Possibly one of the best new pubs in Sydney. We say possibly because it hasn’t opened yet, but with a hospitality super-group that includes Mary’s Jake Smyth, Kenny Graham, Porteño and Bodega’s Elvis Abrahanowicz and Young Henrys’ Oscar McMahon, we’re expecting big things.

When The Unicorn on Oxford Street closed down a few months ago, the guys saw an opportunity to take over a classic Sydney pub (FYI, they’re rare and verrry expensive), so they jumped on the chance to breathe new life into this beautiful, old venue. But don’t go thinking this is going to be some fancy-pants pub or a Mary’s of the East; it’s going to be just a straight up pub—the kind of place where the guys themselves would want to drink.

What will be on the menu? Details are to be finalised, but you can absolutely expect to find a Mary’s burger on the menu (thank goodness!) and a range of classic pub offerings designed by Abrahanowicz—think steaks, fish, salads, and hopefully lots and lots of fries (because fries are the best).

Also on the menu is late night drinking. Because this pub is out of the lock-out zone, The Unicorn will be the perfect place for I-don’t-want-to-go-home-yet drinks. Talking drinks, there’ll obviously be Young Henrys a-plenty as well as Aussie craft beers, and a good range of natural Australian wines to keep your thirst at bay.

Due to open in November, we’re looking forward to seeing what the next chapter of The Unicorn brings… especially if there are burgers involved.

Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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