Breaking: The Legends At Mary’s Will Revive Iconic Sydney Music Venue The Basement

By Sammy Preston - 04 Feb 2019

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We've got some pretty brilliant news to kick start your week right here: champions of Sydney culture, nightlife, music and fried food, Mary's founders Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham will launch another live music venue this year.

Slated to open in May, Mary's Underground will take up where The Basement left off, reinvigorating the iconic Sydney venue's roster of eclectic live music—and adding a big kick of Mary's unbeatable late night and loud party essence.

"What we want is people having fun and celebrating music, food and wine in a way that we really don’t do well anywhere in Australia at the moment," Smyth says. "We’re excited to be bringing some romance and some entertainment back." 

A slight renovation is currently underway—the sound system is getting an update, the downstairs stage will be moved from the centre to the left to make way for more partying, and a new hidden wine bar will be added in upstairs.  

As for the food, Graham tells us there'll be a double offering. Upstairs, Mary's classics "fried shit and burgers" with "a menu extension in terms of more plant-based things."

Downstairs, the guys will amp up the romance with an intimate, old-school dinner vibe (think: steak frites and lobster). "We want to make the food to be a statement of intent that's set on enjoying yourself and being a bit bacchanalian and getting a bit luxury and getting a bit over the top," Smyth adds.

"We really want to turn it into a fucking party, where people take their ties off and stick ‘em on their head at some point in the evening and call in sick to work the next day and blame it on Mary’s—again."

Drinks will follow Mary's guiding sustainable and zero waste principles, with a large focus on Aussie booze alongside a fully natural and sustainable wine list. 

Smyth and Graham are the legends behind live music revivals at The Lansdowne and The Unicorn. Do they think the music scene in Sydney is about to blow up?

"I hope so," Graham says. "There’s a lot of energy behind it and a lot of people—from people starting record labels, to people starting facebook groups to people lobbying the government." 

"[Live music] is really important. we just want to add a few more layers and a bit more texture to what a night out in Sydney means—and I think people are into it."

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Image credit: James Adams.

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