A Meat Free Week Challenge

By Cindy Chong
2nd Mar 2014

Australians are being asked to think meat . . . how much they consume and where it comes from, by taking part in the annual Meat Free Week challenge.

Held from March 24-30, Meat Free Week asks all of us to re-evaluate our diets and to take responsibility for the cost of eating meat: not only in terms of animal welfare but also on the environment and human health.

The week is not about converting meat-lovers into vegetarians. The aim rather, is to get people thinking about ways to reduce their meat consumption and to choose ethically and sustainably produced meat, fish, eggs and poultry for the remaining 51 weeks of the year.

To help Sydneysiders take the first step in consuming less meat, Jan McLeod, an expert nutritionist from Mad For Health, has developed a new workshop 'How To Eat A Balanced Diet And Make Veggies Your Friend'.

The workshop will be held at the Darling Street Health Centre in Balmain on Wednesday March 19, from 7:30-9pm. Entry is a $10 donation towards Meat Free Week charities, including: Voiceless; Australian Conservation Foundation; and Bowl Cancer Australia.

So grab your meat loving friends and take the challenge. To help you on your merry meatless way, we've searched the site for some of our favourite vegetarian and vegan establishments for your dining pleasure.

Image credit: VegKitchen

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