Melbourne’s Cult-hit Donuts Are Coming To Sydney

By Zo Zhou - 28 Oct 2015

Sorry Melbourne, but we’re stealing your donuts. Shortstop Coffee & Donuts is coming to Sydney, joining our Sydney café favourites like Bourke Street Bakery and Maslows in Barangaroo.

Given its existing cult-like following, Shortstop’s Sydney shop is going to be bigger than ever (no really, it’s going to be literally bigger than its Melbourne mothership).

The hype is for good reason—the flavours are kind of like your favourite food bloggers of the world got together and just brewed up the flavours you never even knew you wanted. All you know is that now you need them in your life.

Take the maple-walnut and brown butter donut for example. Either of those flavours on their own would have made us swoon, but then they also come out with flavours like Earl Grey tea and rose, or cinnamon and cardamom. Even flavours you see a little more frequently like peanut butter, caramel and chocolate are more exciting when the Shortstop guys make them.

The secret to their success is that they’ve kept the ingredients simple, so the doughnuts taste lovingly home made. Organic milk, cultured butter and real vanilla bean make these babies delicious all by their lonesome, although no one’s going to complain about adding whiskey maple bacon, amirite?

While we’re going full steam ahead with decadence, don’t miss the French cruller, which at first seems like a slightly deflated donut, but is really a delicious piped ring of choux that’s fried and honeyed (with a touch of sea salt for extra drool factor).

Fortunately for summer diet season, Shortstop Coffee and Donuts doesn’t open until April 1st, next year. Until then you still have plenty of sweet fried excuses to head over to Melbourne for a bit of donut frenzy.

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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