The Men’s Guide To Gaining Muscle

By Ezekiel MacNevin
25th Jan 2014

Gaining muscle quickly can seem like an impossible feat. This is often because people do not follow the simple strategies that are necessary in achieving muscle growth goals. Here are five effective strategies to help you bulk up over the summer.

1. Work Out Core Muscle Groups

Divide your exercise routine and workout one specific muscle group per day. This allows for optimal muscle repair and growth during your 'break period'. It is recommended that you alternate daily between completely disassociated muscles—for example, if exercising the chest one day, move on to the legs the next, rather than the shoulders.

2. Eat The Right Foods, And A Lot Of Them

The key to gaining muscle is eating the right foods, and a lot of them. If you let yourself go hungry your body begins to eat away at muscle and store fat. Rather than eating the three traditional meals a day, you should be consuming at least five! Make sure you eat protein with every meal, along with complex carbohydrates and good fats, including: eggs, beef, chicken, fish, nuts, brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa, berries, yogurt, oats and banana.

3. Lift To Failure And Say No To Cardio

Avoid lifting light weights during exercise. This kind of workout is associated with cardio, which rapidly burns calories rather than build muscle. You do not have to use weights that are extremely heavy, but you should try to lift to failure on at least 2/4 reps, to ensure you are ripping your muscles significantly—hence the phrase 'getting ripped'. Once you lift to failure during a rep, it is a good idea to drop down a weight class, or two, and continue with the same workout immediately. This is called a 'drop set' and can maximise the effectiveness of a workout.

4. Pre Workout And Post Workout Supplements

Ensure you drink a high-quality protein shake immediately after your workout session. This gives your muscles an immediate blast of protein, which allows for mass gain during that critical first half-hour after exercising. Eat a large meal as soon as possible to ensure you are providing your body with an excessive amount of protein and energy to feed your muscles. A pre-workout energy supplement will also allow you to maximise power and muscle growth during your workout.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water prevents dehydration from strength training and greatly aids in muscle recovery. It sounds easy but you would be surprised how many fail at this simple task.

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