Men’s Racewear Advice From Joe Farage

By Jacqui Thompson
15th Oct 2013

Racing season offers the menfolk of Sydney their sartorial time to shine. There is NOTHING more handsome than a man in a well-cut, well-tailored, well-fitted suit, constructed from only the finest of fabrics.

The problem many men face, is falling into the 'office' suiting look, which leans towards a Steve Carell effect, rather than casual Bond 007. 

Joe Farage of renowned Australian men's and womenswear label Farage, is here to offer his impeccable suiting advice, in order to help all the gentlemen out there reach their full style potential.

TUL: We love the new Farage campaign—can you tell us your inspiration?

Joe Farage: 'The New Old' is the theme for our new campaign. This year Farage celebrated 15 years so we wanted to create a traditional yet modern connection with our customer.  The objective was to showcase our heritage, fine tailoring and the evolution of the brand. The campaign was shot at iconic locations across Sydney. 

TUL: Congratulations on turning 15! Racing season is upon us what style advice do you have for men heading to the races?

Joe: Take a modern yet classic approach. Start with a suit that fits you impeccably. Choose interesting textures in lightweight wools or wool/mohair and cotton/linen blends help keep you cooler. Don't be afraid to wear a 3-piece suit. 

Key colours this season are every shade of blue. Grey is always a great choice for Derby Day.  

When it comes to shirts and ties keep them sharp and play with texture in your tie. Use the opportunity to wear cufflinks with your shirt and a pocket square for your suit.

TUL:  Are there any suiting trends that you have focused upon this Spring Summer 2013/2014?

Joe: A key trend for 13/14 is a traditional cloth with a modern twist. A slim-fit suit with softer construction and interesting textured Italian wools. If you want to make a statement wear a Royal Blue or teal suit.

TUL: What should men absolutely avoid? 

Joe: Try and avoid your business suit, race day gives guys the perfect opportunity to showcase their personal style at a time when everybody is feeling and looking amazing. Stay away from black; it's too harsh for a hot summer day.

TUL: What will you be sporting Melbourne Cup day? 

Joe: I'll likely be wearing a Farage Royal Blue 3-piece suit, a crisp white shirt and a silk/linen knitted tie, contrast pocket square and a sharp/polished shoe.

TUL: Any memorable trackside antics that come to mind? 

Joe: My advice for the races is to drink, to enjoy, and not to fall over! 

TUL: How do you pick your winner? 

Joe: I like to back a slight underdog and then hedge my bets with the favourite.  

TUL: Can you tell us your favourite Sydney spots for drink, dine and design?


Drink I have recently discovered the The Wild Rover on Campbell Street in Surry Hills, which is a great bar hidden behind a green door.

Dine Pendolino in the Strand Arcade is one of my favourites. I love Italian cuisine and the location is like discovering a hidden little treasure. 

Design I love homewares at the moment. Corporate Culture in Chippendale always has me inspired and somehow breaking the bank balance.

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