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Moonlight Cinema Is Back!

By Ally Parker
17th Nov 2015

moonlight cinemas in sydney

There’s nothing else to say but oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Moonlight Cinema is back in town with advance screenings, new releases and cult favourites.

An integral part of any Aussie’s summer entertainment—getting yelled at by mum for sitting too close to the TV in your knickers blissfully excluded—the Moonlight Cinema is gracing us with their big screen/big love presence for the twentieth year. You guysssss!

Pack some drinks, wine, cheese and, if you’re anything like us, an entire fun pack of Mamee Noodles and prepare yourselves for a night of lying down and pretending to watch a movie as you inch ever closer to your hot date. 

Here’s when and where Moonlight Cinema is happening around the country. 


When: December 3rd – March 27th
Where: On the lawns of Belvedere Amphitheatre in Centennial Park.


When: December 3rd – February 14th
Where:On the lawns of Botanic Park.


When: December 16th – March 6th
Where:On the lawns of New Farm Park at Brisbane Powerhouse.


When: December 3th – March 27th
Where:On the Central Lawn at the Royal Botanic Gardens.


When: December 5th – March 27th
Where: Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

For those without a picnic basket there’ll be choice grub available at each venue with US-style food trucks dishing out only the best for you to triumphantly carry back to the gang. We’re talking buffalo fried chicken, pulled pork brisket burgers, parmesan truffle fries, New York chilli cheese dogs and two, count ‘em two, types of nachos. 

Those fancy citizens (ie. the ones who didn’t bring their fave primary school snack to the party) can also reserve bean beds for premium viewing and food and drink delivered as part of Moonlight Cinema’s Gold Grass. 

Aaaaand we’ve saved the best for last; Doggie Nights—think the pooch version of ladies night—will also return. Just be sure to bring a leash, partly for safety and partly because Instagram can only do so much to curb our dog obsession and we will pet/bribe your dog if it wanders over.

Check out the Moonlight Cinema website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more and stay tuned for program details and info by signing up to Moonlight’s Cine Buzz e-news.

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Image credit: Moonlight Cinema

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