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The Most Luxe AirBnBs In Sydney

By Jessica Best
1st Dec 2017


Closer than Europe, better than Bali and cheaper than… pretty much nothing. Look, who’s to say these bad boys aren’t remotely possible if you gather a handful (or double) of your mates? Pre-warning--this article literally has no chill.

Whether you’re legitimately looking for a place to stay with its own private beach and jetty or you’ve hit the 3pm wall and just need to look at glam AF houses with big trampolines and waterslides to get you through, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the most luxe AirBnBs in Sydney (sorry in advance guys).

Green Gables


It’s flawless. Unequivocally and undeniably flawless. The Green Gables luxury villa (and it is sooo much more than just a villa) fits up to 12 guests with six bedrooms up for grabs and the damn garden is designed by iconic Melbourne landscaper Paul Bangay. Oh and the massive pool smack-bang in the middle of the entire house? Bloody epic.

Inner City Terrace

Double Bay

No biggie but this inner city terrace is only the type of staycay everyone dreams of. And yep, it basically oozes elegance from the inside out. You’ll find a modern kitchen which spills out into an open plan plunge pool (you read that correctly) and leafy courtyard (what even?) plus a schmancy basement area which has a surround sound cinema because of course it does.

Sky Loft


With a name like Sky Loft, you already know this Airbnb is going to be flexing it’s big guns. This urban oasis is beyond a joke (in the best way possible) and anyone with an appreciation for interiors or who generally just likes pretty things will obsess over this apartment instantly. Cue massive bedrooms, double-showers, walk-in wardrobes, fine timber finishes, marble bench tops, two lounge rooms (unlike us peasants who have just one) and butler service on hand. Yep we think we literally just died and went all the way to heaven.

Luxury Beach House

Gordon’s Bay

This mega-mansion has all the secluded feels. With palms dotted around the property, ferns at the entrance, and a private swimming pool, this place feels like it’s own little city. There’s an outside BBQ area and two massive lounge rooms to host all the entertainment—it’s safe to say you’ll probably get lost in this one a couple of times.

Fitzwilliam Road


Big views and an even bigger pool. This house, and we use that term in the loosest sense because modern-day castle is a more accurate description, gives you elevated harbour vistas and open plan living areas. And yep, the cabana room is basically definitely the size of your entire apartment. This property has no chill.

Tranquil Home


We’re just going to call this a super stylish jungle mansion because in our eyes, that’s exactly what it is. There’s no doubt this place will make you feel like you're staying inside the Botanic Gardens (even though you’re obvs not). There’s an outdoor fireplace, alfresco dining area, swimming pool, chandeliers errrywhere, a games room with a pool table and do you really need any other selling points?

Designer Balmain Waterfront


Ah yes, this classic gem boasts all the uber luxe vibes ever (EVER) because who doesn’t want their own private beach and jetty? Exactly. With a perfectly manicured courtyard (would you really expect anything less?), this three-storey terrace has windows everywhere because the views are stupid nice and there’s even a plunge pool that overlooks it all. And on a side, this place is obviously a great place to watch the NYE fireworks.

Family Home With Lagoon

Dover Heights

We’re done. Take all our money now, this house not only has an ultra-sized trampoline, rooftop terrace and lagoon… but to top it all off, you’ll find a waterslide too. It’s literally a kidults dream staycay and we’re low-key freaking out over this one.

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Image credit: via AirBnB

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