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Get Talking With These 3 Must-Watch Films From The Sydney Film Festival Line Up

By Sammy Preston
18th Jun 2020

A still from the film Rosemary's Way

The Sydney Film Festival took a digital trip for 2020 and gave us an on-demand program available to watch from the comfort of home (and an awesome virtual snack cart via the Golden Age crew—more on that here).

The festival wraps this Sunday 21 June, which means you’ve only got a few more days to experience this year’s offerings. To help you divvy up your weekend watching, we thought we’d give you the rundown on a few films that really got us talking.

"In changing and challenging times, when connection is more vital than ever, this year’s virtual festival presents... new films by storytellers from a variety of backgrounds, for us to see, share and discuss," festival director Nashen Moodley said in a statement. “We hope this first nation-wide Sydney Film Festival will generate debate and encourage shared understanding in living rooms across the country.”

So, with that in mind, here are four films that’ll totally get you thinking and spark a little conversation at home this weekend.

Rosemary’s Way

Rosemary’s Way dips into the world of Rosemary Kariuki, a Kenyan Australian on a mission to lift the spirits of fellow migrant women, and to truly embrace the potential of Sydney’s multiculturalism.

Rosemary is a beautiful spirit, and this doco is heart-wrenching—so many of us will never know persecution, as we’ll never know how lonely Sydney can feel. It’s also full of hope; Rosemary’s optimism is totally infectious. For her, Sydney is a place to experience the world’s cultures and life simply doesn’t get more thrilling than that. We love this one as a great Sydney story and tale about a real local legend.

The Leadership

This documentary is about a trip to Antarctica. It's about women in science and the lack of necessary female leaders in the world. It’s also about a corporate leadership program that pretty much fails but then somehow succeeds just by binding a scattered community of science thinkers together.

Without giving too much away, The Leadership sort of unravels in three acts and it can be hard to land on what the real message is. It’s interesting, even alarming, for a final shock that ultimately feels a little swept to the side, and definitely understated. Guaranteed to get you and your housemates chatting.  

Our Law

Our Law peers into the operations of Western Australia’s only indigenous-run police station. Out in an extra remote community called Warakurna, about 750km west of Alice Springs, police take on a role that’s based in community guidance and care. Noongar man Senior Sergeant Revis Ryder and Noongar woman Sergeant Wendy Kell are deeply invested in understanding the culture of Warakurna and use this knowledge, as well as the relationships they have with community members, to guide their work.

Our Law is a stark contrast to the disturbing policing flooding our social feeds at the moment—and it’ll get you thinking about the role of police in the future. Do police need to be militant? What if police methods were developed around the community, as opposed to just law and order?

Suss out the full SFF program here

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Image credit: Rosemary's Way via Sydney Film Festival

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