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Amp Up Your Holiday Feasting With Papa Pasticceria’s New Gelato Yule Logs

By Jessica Best
6th Dec 2019

Let’s be honest, Papa Pasticceria does Sydney a real solid when it comes to providing decadent desserts, like for example, their unholy ricotta cheesecake (you haven’t really indulged if you’ve never conquered one of these). Now, these pastry legends have dropped a Christmas range made up of holiday-inspired eclairs and a glorious trifecta of yule logs you’ll have trouble deciding between. 

Among the festive treats is the “12 Days Of Christmas Eclairs” box, packed with 12 different flavours and yes, you’ll want to go hard on all of them. You’ll find a “Papa Knows Best” creation, which is stuffed with Papa’s iconic ricotta filling, a raspberry and white chocolate beauty, another decked out with Nutella and chantilly cream and another morsel pumped with pistachio mousse.

And brace yourself for the monster Christmas logs. There are three insane flavours of goodness you can get stuck into, including a cherry and chocolate cake log (packed with ganache and sour cherry sauce) and two gelato logs; a purely Nutella loaded roll and a choc-vanilla log.

If you can’t be convinced to steer away from the ol’ baked ricotta cheesecake though—we bear good news for you. You can have this bad boy topped with a festive “Merry Christmas” plaque and you’ll also be able to pre-order for larger serving sizes too (thus making yourself the absolute favourite at any Christmas party).

The “12 Days of Christmas Eclairs” box is available for pre-order and sits at $36, you just need to give 24-hours notice before you pick up. As for the Christmas Logs, these guys go for $49 and serve around 15 people and are available in-store (you can also pre-order this one).

Head here for more details.

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