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Parramatta Is About To Score An Open-Air Ice Skating Rink

By Yvonne Lam
30th May 2018


If you’ve got a hankering for a spot of ice skating in Sydney, your choices are limited. And look, we definitely don’t hate our options, they’re fine, especially if you like skating in an enclosed barn. 

But for the skating purists, Parramatta’s Winterlight is back in July. Get ready as Prince Alfred Square is transformed into a giant ice rink for two whole weeks. And it won’t just be any ice rink—it’ll be open to the winter air. Oh, and it’ll be the biggest in Sydney. 

We know what you’re thinking and yes, it’ll be just like that final scene in Serendipity, the most underrated rom-com of the 2000s (luv you Kate Beckinsale). 

Details are slim at the moment, but we’re getting strong family-friendly vibes. There will be a kiddies-only ice rink, an ice slide, an illuminated ferris wheel, rides, children’s activities plus food and live music too. In July, you should quite literally get your skates on. 

If this sounds like your ideal winter situation, you can grab more details here.

Want to get toasty in a pub with a fireplace?

Image credit: Joseph Barrientos

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