Pick Of The Precinct | Dulwich Hill

By Pilar Mitchell
13th Nov 2016

pick of the precinct Dulwich Hill

Dulwich Hill, a suburb with a strong Greek and Turkish influence, used to be the unassuming neighbour of bustling Summer Hill. But thanks to that Sydney property bubble the olds keep talking about, Dulwich Hill and its property prices have exploded since 2015 when the light rail rolled in. 

The high street today is a mix of old and new: some businesses have served the same coffee to the same group of customers for 30 years, while others are speaking our language, serving doughnuts on milkshakes, shops bursting with customers from after school until late at night. 
Dulwich Hill is our pick when it comes to your next inner west food safari so we picked our favourite places to eat, drink and of course, shop.

pick of the precinct Dulwich Hill

Brekky At The General Eatery And Supplies

The General has the usual breakfast fare – bacon, eggs, sausage – don’t go for usual because unexpected here is done so well. The battle for our stomachs is fought between the avocado with Persian Feta, chimichurri on toast, the baked beans with sweet smoked tomatoes and the bircher coyo. Before you leave, grab a jar of The General’s barbecue sauce or pickles, you’ll be glad you did. 

Pizza At The Valley

We’ll let you in on a little secret, the best pizza comes from The Valley, a Lebanese pizza joint that looks like it hasn’t renovated (or raised prices) since the 70s. The Valley’s strength is its simplicity. The garlic mushroom and cheese pizza has a delectably garlicky, salty base. The tomato, spinach and onion calzone is toasted crispy on the outside, and melted with gooey cheese on the inside. It’s a pocket full of heaven. 

Doughnuts At Tella Balls

Every good food safari needs dessert and the day is not done until you have a puffy, chewy doughnut bursting with Nutella. Tella Balls is the last stop at the end of New Canterbury Road’s shopping strip. Nutella doughnuts are the stars of the show, but there are also waffles, gelato and the Tella Kebab: chocolate shavings on doughnut pita bread, served with strawberries, banana, whipped cream and of course, Nutella. 

Sticky Chai At The Hub

The Hub House Diner has modern American style burgers and ribs, but it’s the simple sticky chai that we crave. Fragrant and full flavoured, the Hub’s chai is soaked in honey, making it the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Order it with soy rather than cow’s milk. The result is decadent and creamy.

Books At Gleebooks

Gleebooks is a delightful little bookstore that’s the literary nerd’s dream. It’s also the dream of the cookbook nerd, the fashion book nerd, and the kids’ book nerd. The front tables host a regular rotation of great deals on brilliant books, staff recommendations are marked with handwritten slips of paper and the cookbook selection is local and out of this world— the Cornersmith’s cookbook is there, as is The Dinner Ladies’ latest. If you’re hunting for a bargain, there’s a little carefully curated second hand section near the front as well.

Cheese At The Larder Epicerie Fine

French neighbour to The Valley, The Larder is a speciality grocery store that knows cheese. The French owners lament the fact that cheeses here are pasteurised —the process ruins the flavour—but they persevere, offering some of the stinkiest, melt-in-your-mouth soft cheeses, salty sheeps’ milk cheeses and lovely Australian cheddars along with gorgeous things to stock the pantry, think olive oil on tap, jars of truffles, and chewy sourdough from the Bread and Butter Project. If you feel like a light meal, The Larder has seating and a charcuterie, cheese and wine menu.

Don't live in Dulwich? Why not try somewhere in Cronulla instead.

Image Credit: Caitlin Hicks at Tella Balls

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