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Get Your Glow On | Everything You Need To Know About Plasma Skin Treatments

By Jess Willemse
2nd Dec 2019

Forget scary vampire facials because plasma skin treatments as you know it has come a long way since its Kardashian debut, and this natural beauty trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. 

But what’s new? With proven results and premium treatments on the rise, we’ve teamed up with skin health expert Eva Karpati from Karpati Skin Clinic to get the inside scoop on what the plasma deal is and why Sydneysiders should be getting around it stat. 

So, What Actually Is Plasma? 

Essentially, there are actually two types of plasma that can be used for optimal skin health. Firstly, you’ve got the plasma that is found in our blood—a 100 per cent natural product that can be used in treatments like skin rejuvenation, hair growth and natural fillers. But that’s not all. There’s also a second type of plasma sourced from nitrogen gas, another natural product that lends itself to facials and take-home products. Fun fact: nitrogen gas also makes up 78 per cent of the earth’s atmosphere—the more you know, right?    

How Does It Work? 

Plasma from your blood is rich in natural growth factors and uses your body’s own nutrients to stimulate tissue repair and skin rejuvenation. Plasma from nitrogen gas, on the other hand, is all about science, and it’s obtained by exciting the atoms so that they ionise and form plasma energy. Nitrogen Plasma is the ‘Incredible Hulk’ of skin treatments, pushing all other atoms like air and water out of the way, killing bacteria and renewing your skin all at the same time.   

Why Is It Good For Your Skin?

Both types of plasma have endless proven benefits for your skin and the best part is, they’re all-natural. Plasma from your blood will sort your skin by repairing it from within—say sayonara to pesky wrinkles or a blotchy, uneven skin tone. It also works to target both hair growth for luscious locks and can even be converted into a natural dermal filler—the first of its kind. Nitrogen Plasma has similar effects, with different treatments targeting different results but the part we love is that coveted post plasma facial glow that lasts for weeks.  

Where To Try It 

Bliss Out With A Plasma Glow Facial 

Indulge in some rejuvenating me-time with the Plasma Glow Facial. This one is new and exclusive to Karpati Skin Clinic, using that good old nitrogen plasma to revitalise and even out your skin with a glow that only gets better over time. Add in their signature hydration mask and ten minutes of high-tech phonophoresis ultrasound and you’re well on your way to summer-ready skin. Suited for all skin types, get more info on this game-changing treatment here.  

Go Au Naturel With A PRGF Treatments 

First, let’s clear up the acronyms. PRGF stands for Plasma Rich in Growth Factors and basically means the treatments use plasma from your own body. It’s the ultimate natural repair serum, containing at least 2.5 times the amount of growth factors and no synthetic additives. Blood is drawn from your body (it’s pretty painless), processed and then administered depending on your desired outcome—whether that be skin rejuvenation, hair growth or natural injectables. And if you just can’t get enough of it, it can even be made into your own personal formula, a luxurious cream just for you. Get in on it here

Get Around Plasma On The Go 

If you hardly have time to wash your face, let alone book in for a facial, Karpati’s natural Oxygen Plasma Fluid is for you. Made by Eva and the experts at the clinic, this light-weight formula will revive your skin by breathing oxygen into its cells, resulting in a slew of benefits such as skin-strengthening, a healthier complexion and, of course, that all-important glow. Add it to your cart here

Karpati Skin Clinic in Double Bay is leading the charge with this beauty trend as experts in plasma treatments, and they even offer some Aussie firsts for premium plasma skincare—book your treatment in here.  

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