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Suss Out The Queen Victoria Building’s Resident Ghost At This After Dark Party

By Sammy Preston
1st Aug 2019

QVB After Dark Sydney | Urban List Sydney

Sydney’s paranormal scene seems to be on the up, with a bunch of iconic venues announcing events to suss their ghostly residents.

Yes, ghost tours are dropping all over town, so if you’re ready for urban legends, real-life murder mysteries, creepy attics and that tingly feeling on the back of your neck—here we go. 

As well as finding the ghouls-in-residence within some secret tunnels underneath one of Sydney’s oldest pubs, and within the gloomy ponds and eerie grottos of the Botanic Garden, you can now hunt for a paranormal character in a few secret rooms and on the roof of Sydney’s cathedral-like shopping mecca, the QVB.

Side note: even if the thought of seeing an actual spirit is not your thing (I’m with you there), these after-dark adventures will grant you access to some pretty special Sydney spots that are otherwise not open to the public.

While it is a charming shopping spot by day (with two sparkly new late-night dining spots added in this year, Reign and Esquire)—if you’ve been wondering around in the QVB after dark, you’ll have definitely felt some chills. It’s creepy.

The building is over 120 years old—and it's believed to be haunted by the spirit of Mei Quong Tart, a Chinese-born merchant who operated an elite teahouse within the building and died tragically following a botched robbery. Armed with lanterns, you’ll get to track her ghost—through the Victoria Room, onto the QVB’s roof and into a secret courtyard, where you’ll get an epic view of the QVB’s iconic dome.

And after this terrifying 45-minute ghost tour, you’ll be given a complimentary drink at Esquire to calm your nerves.

The QVB’s ghost hunt is a part of a bigger event happening across August called QVB After Dark, which also involves a multi-floor sensory experience (and audience participation) care of Sydney artist ØFFERINGS.

Head over here for more information and tickets. 


What: QVB After Dark Tours
Where: QVB, George Street
When: Every Thursday in August at 8pm. ØFFERINGS performance will take place on Thursday 22 August. Book here.

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Image credit: QVB. 

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