Salads That Will Actually Fill You Up

By Florence Tan - 26 Oct 2015

best salads in Sydney
best salads in Sydney
best salads in Sydney
best salads in Sydney
best salads in Sydney
best salads in Sydney
best salads in Sydney
best salads in Sydney
best salads in Sydney
best salads in Sydney
Egg of The Universe

Rozelle, NSW 7 Images

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Bondi Harvest

Bondi Junction, NSW 8 Images

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Cuckoo Callay

Newtown, NSW 1 Image

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Henley’s Wholefoods

Bondi Junction, NSW 8 Images

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Banana Blossom

Bondi Beach, NSW 1 Image

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Woodland Kitchen & Bar

Neutral Bay, NSW 8 Images

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Venus Whole Foods

Surry Hills, NSW 1 Image

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Cantina Bar

Balmain, NSW 7 Images

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Royal Oak Hotel

Double Bay, NSW 1 Image

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Romaine calm people! I know, I know a salad that won’t leave you day dreaming about sinking your teeth into a big fat juicy burger? Stop the madness! But the salad game is changing. Gone are the days of sad wilted greens and lack lustre dressings – Sydney’s gone green Listers and we’ve rounded up the salads in Sydney that’ll actually keep your hangry-selves at bay. 

Perfect Circle Salad

Egg of the Universe, Rozelle

A vegetarian take on a charcuterie board, this one from Rozelle cafe-meets-yoga-studio Egg of the Universe comes with a vibrant selection of raw & fermented salads, activated nut pesto, cashew cheese, tahini cream, green leaves AND activated linseed crackers. A mouthful to say means it’s a heck of a mouthful to eat so there’s no need to worry about leaving this wellness mecca with a growling stomach. 

Tumeric Cauliflower Salad

Bondi Harvest, Bondi Junction

Lettuce tell you that the tumeric cauliflower salad at Bondi Harvest is no joke. They’ve taken the salad classics of baby cos, kale and avo, and tossed in a bit of Asian flare; adding chilli, ginger and tumeric roasted cauliflower to the mix. Tied together nicely with a zesty lemon dressing, you can leave satisfied without having to put in some push-ups by the beach.

Snowman Salad

Cuckoo Callay, Newtown

Do you want to build a snowman? While a realistic improbability, the guys at Cuckoo Callay know how to satisfy our none-too-easily-pleased appetites with their Snowman Salad; a hearty combo of marinated Dutch carrots, blanched kale, toasted pepitas and lemon yoghurt dressing. Build? Probably not. Eat? Heck yeah. 

Radiant Me Salad

Henleys Wholefoods, Bondi Junction

The Radiant Me salad at Henley’s Wholefoods has got to be one of the tastiest ways to satisfy your five a day vege quota. Pairing the sweetness of shaved corn with the freshness of broccolini, you won’t go wanting, oh and the charred zucchini will just about make you forget that it’s 100% vegetarian. Summer bod, we’ve got you in our sights!

Tokyo Classic

Banana Blossom, Bondi Beach

Packed with Chinese cabbage, avo, tomatoes, green tea and soba noodles tied together with a dousing of emulsified white sesame dressing, the Tokyo Classic courtesy of Bondi's Banana Blossom is a veritable garden party in your mouth.  One thing to note: the salad bowls are about the size of your face at this joint so dive head first into this one. 

Haloumi Salad

Woodland Bar & Kitchen, Neutral Bay

Everyone likes a big hunk of haloumi, how could you not? Crispy on the outside and soft melty cheese on the inside… What were we talking about? Right. Salad. This one from Neutral Bay restaurant Woodland Kitchen & Bar comes with a perfectly grilled piece of haloumi atop a salad of zucchini and asparagus with rocket, radish, basil and pine nuts. Insider hint: nab yourself a table outside and enjoy your salad in the sun… Maybe with a glass of wine.

Daily Salads 

Venus Wholefoods, Surry Hills

When you’re trying to be good but don’t want to be running out of steam come the arvo, Venus Wholefoods has to be one of your go-tos. Serving up generous salads that are all gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly with your choice of dressing (you can add protein if you like), the selection changes daily so you’ll never get stuck in a salad-rut. 

Crispy Potato Salad

Cantina Bar, Balmain

With a whole leg of confit duck sitting atop this little wonder, there is no way you'll leave hungry or wanting. Cantina Bar's crisp potato salad is like nothing you've ever tried before. The shredded potatoes are fried to be super crispy and moreish, with plenty of tart apple to balance out all the richness. Somehow, we also actually love the raisins in this salad. It just doesn't sound like it should work, but oh boy, is it deeeelicious.

Deconstructed Salad Nicoise 

Royal Oak Hotel, Double Bay

Whether your say it with a c or use the proper French, the deconstructed salad nicoise at the Royal Oak Double Bay is delicious all the same. Swapping out the cooked tuna for a lightly seared sesame version, it’s equal amounts creamy and fresh. Add in some roasted potatoes, French beans and a soft-boiled egg, and you’ll find yourself fed well and proper. 

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell and Alex Squadrito

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