Sculpt a Summer Bod | Sydney’s Best Designer Workouts

By Bree Nowland
11th Oct 2015

All things athleisure are not trending in isolation. There’s a new breed of workouts on our radar that are perfect to pair with your favourite new leggings, but they don’t involve hitting a “regular” gym or going for a run in the park… Oh no, they are far chicer!

Introducing what we are coining ‘designer workouts’. They don’t involve sweatshirts that read “shopping is my cardio” (although, we’re OK if that’s your attire of choice). These workouts are happening in studios that feel more like a wellness sanctuary or tranquil spa as opposed to a sweaty gym. They’re efficient, they’re effective, and they’re the true epitome of all things sports luxe. Many of which are the exercise regime of choice of celebs, supermodels and super-humans (we’re talking working Mums to extremely time-poor girls and guys).

So, whether you’re a self-confessed gym junkie, have found yourself in a bit of an exercise rut or are simply looking for somewhere to start, here are our favourite new designer workouts. Ready, set, sweat!


What is it: Physicore is boutique studio that involves Lagree fitness, a method developed by LA-based celebrity super trainer, Sebastien Lagree. At the heart of Lagree Fitness is a miracle machine called the Megaformer. Think of it like a regular Pilates reformer that’s visited the set of Pimp My Ride. The Megaformer is where you’ll spend the majority of your 50-minute class at Physicore studios. The workout has been dubbed Pilates-on-crack, and rightly so. Throughout the session, you’ll do the same move for between one and two minutes but always slowly and controlled with the resistance of the Megaformer. Think moves you know, like lunges, squats, planks and crunches and then some you don’t—like catfishes and mermaids (sounds fun, right?!) It’s a challenging class, but you can expect to burn around 600 calories every time you visit.

Where can I find it?: Physicore has studios in Paddington, Surry Hills and Mosman.


What is it: A unique method that combines low-impact exercise with compression and vacuum technology to boost circulation and help metabolise fat. To break it down, you’ll be fitted with a neoprene skirt that zips underneath your ribs before each session. Then you’ll climb in to either a stand-up (the HYPOXI S120) or a lay down (the HYPOXI L250) stationary bicycle that will close around your midsection, imagine a pod-like-contraption. It sounds far scarier than it actually is, we promise! You’ll be left to peddle for 30 minutes at a comfortable pace, whilst you watch TV or read a magazine (now THAT’S a workout we could get used to) and your neoprene skirt inflates and deflates. You can also expect regular weigh-ins and body measurements as well as nutritional guidance with your HYPOXI sessions (no excuses here, people!). There are some rules that go with your HYPOXI sessions, such as no carbs for six hours after your session and no caffeine post your session… Plan post HYPOXI brunch wisely!

Where can I find it?: HYPOXI has studios nationwide, visit their website to find your nearest studio.

Xtend Barre

What is it: A fusion of Pilates, yoga and ballet, but don’t let that deter you, dancers coordination is by no means essential! Classes last for 55 minutes and focus on strengthening and lengthening your muscles, whilst chiselling those tiny little muscles you forgot (or never knew) existed. Picture squats on your tippy toes, lunges and ballerina plies, moves that start off easy, but after a minute, you’ll be counting down the nano-seconds until you can move onto the next exercise. Almost every Victoria’s Secret angel is a fan, which is good enough proof for us that this workout seriously works. Meet you at the Barre?

Where can I find it?: There are Xtend Barre studios nationwide, with eight in Sydney.

Youtopia Spin

What is it: Youtopia Spin is one of Sydney’s first studios dedicated entirely to indoor cycling. Replace that typical neon spin-studio lighting with a sunshine filled sanctuary-like studio. We hate to be the bearers of bad news (or perhaps it’s good news, for all you cardio-fiends), but the actual workout is a little less like a serene spa experience—and a little more, well, hard core. Each ‘ride’ at the Rushcutters Bay studio lasts 45 minutes and will see you and your fellow riders, spinning your heart out to the beat of carefully curated music, guided by some seriously passionate instructors.

Where can I find it?: Youtopia Spin is located at 1-2/50 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay.

The Flow Philosophy

What is it: Paddington’s Flow Athletic have been pioneers of the designer workout movement since they opened their doors in early 2013. We are crowning Flow Athletic the ultimate designer gym; it’s complete with award-winning design features, chill-out music (instead of remixed top 40 hits) and scented candles. The Flow Philosophy is a balanced one that suggests for every strength class, you should complete with one cardio class and one yoga class; this can be stretched out over a week or squeezed into two days. Weekly membership to Flow Athletic grants you access to all of their group classes, from TRX to yoga to spin classes and even their much-loved fusion classes. Fusion classes are Flow Athletic’s signature and perfect for the time-poor, such as Bike-Asana, where you can expect a 30 minute spin class followed by 30 minutes of yoga.

Where can I find it?: Visit Flow Athletic at Level 1, 134 Oxford Street, Paddington.

If you’ve put in the hours at your studio of choice and have consumed your green juice daily, a little help before a big event or the summer season can be your little secret. Try LA Medical’s LA Skinny with Bronzer, it’s a lotion that is enriched with caffeine to firm skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite for perfect pins, the subtle bronze hue means no spray tan is required. Available at Mecca. While DMK’s Body Sculpting Crème firms and tightens the skin whilst flushing out nasty toxins.

Image credit: Xtend Barre

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