Ease The Harm Of Sydney’s Intense Smoke Haze At Home With This New Science-Based Air Detoxifier

By Sammy Preston
3rd Dec 2019

Heavy smoke haze over Sydney has created some awe-inducing, tangerine-hued sunsets—a sort of apocalyptic vision, and a disturbing, stark reminder of the hundreds of fires that are currently raging through our state’s beautiful bushland, devastating families and our native wildlife. If you want to donate to bushfire relief, head over here.

With the haze this week comes the potent smell of fire—for a moment it’ll send you back to summertime campfires, before it becomes unnerving and, ultimately, pretty hazardous to your health.

Earlier this year, the Sensori+ Air Detoxifying Mist was released into the world. It’s a room spray of sorts, hyped for reducing harmful toxins in the air. But before you get sceptical (what are toxins, anyway), this one’s got some pretty compelling, patented science behind it.

Created by Australians and made in Australia, the mist’s green technology is basically an all-natural plant extracted compound that eradicates air toxins and neutralises malodors on a molecular level. It can rid your home of odours super-fast, and drastically diminish the impact of germs, dust, smog, pollen, viruses, synthetic chemicals from household cleaning products, and building and decoration materials.

It has also been proven to cut through the toxic components of smoke, like benzene and formaldehyde, with a reduction ratio of 96%.

So, with Sydney’s air quality three times worse than bushfire seasons of the last five years, equivalent to smoking between four and 10 cigarettes per day, Sensori+ mist might be a welcome addition at home this summer.

No, it won’t help ease the strain or tragedy of the fires themselves—but it may help to clear the air at home for you, your pets and your family for the most damaging, smoke-heavy days to come.  


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Read more about the Sensori+  technology here. Sensori+ comes in four natural fragrances, inspired by the Australian environment. It’s available to shop at Myer, in 30ml and 100ml bottles.

For a list of bushfire appeals, organisations and charities you can donate to this bushfire season, head over here

Image credit: Sensori+

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