Souped Up | Sydney’s Best Winter Soups

By Alice M Davidson
13th Jul 2016

best soups in sydney

Winter has well and truly arrived, and we know the one thing that will cure this Sydney chill—soup! Soups can seriously warm you right up, are the perfect meal (or snack) to have at any time of the day AND can even cure you from any sickness—soups are like bowls of liquid miracles. A mostly underappreciated meal, we have taken it upon ourselves to find where you can get the best soups in Sydney.

No. 1 Bent Street

Cep Mushroom & Chestnut Soup, Green Apple, Cinnamon

Mike McENearney, founder of everyone’s favourite, Kitchen By Mike, recently opened No. 1 Bent Street and he is creating one hell of a soup. His cep mushroom and chestnut soup with green apple and cinnamon is the perfect warm creamy soup for a chilli day. If you haven’t checked out Mike’s new restaurant, we definitely recommend you do. ASAP.

Bistrot Gavroche

French Onion Soup

Bistrot Gavroche is the relatively new French restaurant in Chippendale that is executive chef’s Frederic Colin, Singapore institution. One of the best things on the menu is Grandpa Henri’s traditional French onion soup, inspired by Frederic’s grandfather. This is definitely up there as being the best French onion in Sydney and you can even enjoy it like you are dining in Paris, with furniture and fixtures from the restaurant being imported all the way from Europe!

Bread and Circus

8-Hour Organic Chicken Broth With Ginger And Lemon

Eating organic chicken broth has a whole bunch of health benefits, which is what makes it so great! The eight-hour organic chicken broth with ginger and lemon from Bread and Circus in Alexandria is the perfect soup that is both low in calories and easily digestible, but still providing the right nutrients to keep you energised!

Brewtown Newtown

Salmon Chowder

When you think of chowder you normally think of something quite milky and creamy. However, the salmon chowder from Brewtown Newtown has taken chowder to a whole new (and delicious) level! It doesn’t look like your typical soup, but the roast salmon and black sausage chowder definitely deserves to be on this hearty list.

Croutons Soup Bar

Mexican Chilli Soup

Croutons Soup Bar at Met Centre has a bunch of soupy options to choose from. We’re into the Mexican Chilli Soup which has a bit of a kick and will leave you full well until dinner time—which can be a rare thing in the soup world. A side of sourdough bread will set you back $1, but we think it’s $1 well spent. Afterall, what is soup without bread?



The bouillabaisse from Catalina, Rose Bay, has all the seafood you could possibly want in one bowl. Here you’ll get king crab, tempura scampi, red spot whiting with saffron aioli and sourdough croutons, all swimming happily together in broth. Packed full of flavour, you can enjoy this dish at their waterfront venue while sipping on one of their winter cocktails.

Four In Hand

Pea And Ham Soup

Pea and ham soup is a classic, and one of our faves! You’ll find the pea and ham hock soup from Four In Hand, on their bar menu and you simply cannot go past it! The perfect winter warmer for any occasion, this soup even though being on the snack menu is definitely a meal on its own and will fill (and warm) you right up!

Still need some warming up? This ought to hit the spot. 

Image credit: Cameron Whitman

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